Sunday, December 24, 2006


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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tuesday 19th December

Okay so I've now totally screwed up all the formatting for the blog trying to move it over to I'm going to leave it as is and instead here's the link to my new blog..... The new blog It's still a work in progress but I'm getting there slowly.....I'm trying not to make it look just like Em's new blog but she has alot of good ideas!! So I'll see you all on the other side!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sunday 17th November

Exercise: 7km Run - MMCT Righto, who hit me over the head and gave me a stonking hangover!!! And what fool runs in the afternoon heat with said hangover???.....oh yeah, that would be me and Michelle! Okay, so after drinking 3 bottles of champers last night (it was Michelle, she made me do it!) I felt pretty ordinary this morning. And somehow during my drunken evening I'd agreed to do a run with Michelle this afternoon, and I couldn't go back on my decision now could I!! I was hoping to do 9km but I just didn't have the energy to run more than 7km. And the fact that we had to run past the cars to do any further than 7km really topped it off for me. I suppose I can say that at least I got out there, even with everything against me! Before the run we went over to Eastland Shopping Centre so that I could find a new dress for my work Xmas party. Saw Clarkey and his family on the way in. He was on the way out!! Happy to report that I've found a dress. Not happy to report that I definitely need to lose between 5 & 10kg!! We don't have a full length mirror at home so when I was in the changing rooms it was a bit of a shock to actually see my body full length. Not a pretty sight I have to tell you. I could see exactly where I've put all the weight on. I don't want to be this heavy and untoned any more. I'll let this week pass by without worrying and complaining too much, but come Boxing Day look out world! I'm going to copy Em and get myself a new blog at Wordpress. Just need to set it up and copy everything over.... Alana's Quote: Me: "Who do you want to go with Alana, me or Dad?" Alana: "Dad 'cos he's going to the bottle shop!" (I was going to the supermarket)

Friday, December 15, 2006

Friday 15th December

Exercise: 5.5km Run - Treadmill, 0.5km Power Walk with Incline I christened the new treadmill this morning. Have to say that I didn't want to get out of bed when the alarm went off, but the thought of just walking out to the garage was much more alluring than having to get into the car and drive to the gym. So out of bed I got!! The treadmill is as good as the professional ones at the gym. Unfortunately I'd forgotten how much harder it is to run on the treadmill than to run outside. Running outside I can dictate how fast I run. If I want to slow down, I just slow down. On a treadmill, unless you keep playing around with the speed, you have to keep running at that speed!! I only managed 5.5km before I had to stop and walk. I was absolutely cream crackered and was sweating like a dog!! But I loved the fact that I was running, albeit very slowly, but I was still out there running!! At work we were all given MP3 players as Christmas presents. Everybody loved them. We also got Armbands to put the MP3 players in. Okay, both presents have the company name plastered all over them, but a free MP3 player is a free MP3 player. And guess who had the task of actually sourcing them and getting them sent over here!! I need to go out looking for a Christmas dress. I'm hoping that I can find some time on Sunday to wander around the shops. I've got a 25% off voucher for Sussans and a 10% off voucher from Target. Just hope that there's something nice in the shops. Our work xmas do is next Friday and I'd like to wear it for this and also on Xmas Day....stay tuned! Boozy day tomorrow. The "Family" Xmas gathering at my parent's house followed by an enjoyable afternoon at Michelle's place. I know which one I'm going to enjoy more!! Must remember to wrap everyone's presents tonight!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thursday 14th December

Exercise: 9.4km - MMCT It was pleasantly warm at 6am this morning. Thought that it would be okay to add another km on to the run. Okay, it was on bitueman but was only about 600 metres - well 1200 metres if you count the return bit. But my knee felt quite good. Still a bit of a niggle but nothing worse than anything I've felt previously. I've been massaging it quite a bit myself when I'm sitting at my desk at work and it seems to releive a bit of the niggle. I don't understand some drivers. I'm sitting quietly at the traffic lights. I'm at the front of the traffic. There is a car in the lane next to me. The lights change and we move off, the car next to me accelerating quite fast. Then the person driving decides that they want to be in my lane, so they move over in front of me, which is not a problem for me as they're a fair way in front, and then they slow right down!!! Aaaagghhh! I then have to move into the other lane to overtake them otherwise I'd have to brake and slow down, only to move back into the lane I was in so that I keep to the left. I'm sure they do it on purpose just to annoy me!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tuesday 12th December

Exercise: 8km Run - MMCT My hands were so cold during this morning's run along the MMCT. Even Michelle commented on how cold her hands were. I've just checked out Weatherzone and it was 2.6 degrees at 6am. No wonder they were cold!! I take my hat off to anyone who ran in the heat we had over the weekend. Walking out into it was like walking into a brick wall. Hubby and I went to the cinema on Saturday afternoon, so we were sat in lovely air conditioning. We went for dinner afterwards and sat outside, but had to retreat inside after about 15 minutes as the heat was just so opressive. Then on Sunday Alana had a birthday party at the Roller Skating rink, so we also got to sit in air conditined comfort for 3 hours. When we walked out of the place the cool change had arrived so we missed the majority of the heat. My new treadmill is now sitting at home waiting for me to use it. I'm very excited. Just need to remember not to go too stupid with distance....10% rule, 10% rule!! Alana's Quote: "Mum, I've got the stitches!" (she had a stitch!)

Friday, December 08, 2006

Friday 8th December

Exercise: 8km Run - MMCT The knee seems to be behaving itself. This morning it didn't start niggling until the 6km mark. The smoke from the bushfires is in the air. I walk outside and I can smell it and it's very hazy. The sky looks a dull grey colour. I hope we get rain soon. This brings back memories of Ash Wednesday. It was very surreal. I can still remember the red glow over the city and the firece winds..... I've eaten way too much crap food this week. I am now at the point where I have to get my weight back under control, as it's really getting me down. There is always a weight limit for me that I will not go above and I'm at that limit now! Just need to get this overeating thing under control!! On a good note, I've just bought a new treadmill. It's this all singing, all dancing one. Hubby is picking it up on Monday so now there's no excuses for not exercising. I'm going to cancel my gym membership too, as the cost of the membership over a year will pay for the treadmill.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tuesday 5th December

Exercise: 7.9km Run - MMCT How happy am I!! My knee didn't start to niggle until about the 6km mark of my run with Michelle this morning. I thought for a little while that it wasn't going to niggle at all, but it eventually kicked in. Still, if it continues like this I'm hoping that it'll just ease off slowly and just go away - okay, maybe that's a little bit too much to ask, but you never know!! Saw John Henderson along the trail. Nice to see a familiar face. Very rarely when Michelle and I run do we see other Ausrunners. Work today will be hectic. Food will be in will alcohol in the evening. Hopefully I will be restrained!! I can only hope!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Monday 4th December

Exercise: Netball Game A really nice warm evening to play Netball (remember I'm not complaining about the heat....EVER!!). We played really well, but just not well enough. The other team were mainly basketballers and I think their goalers missed about 2 shots throughout the whole match, they were that good!! So we lost - but the good news is that we don't have to move up to the next league. I have now pulled out the Christmas Tree and all the decorations from under the house. Unfortunately this week is manic and I don't have a free evening at all to help decorate the tree. The kitchen guy is now back from his holiday and I'm tapping my fingers with impatience waiting for him to ring so that he can organise a time to come back and finish the kitchen! Alana's Quote: "HELLO!!" (as in "Yeah I already know that" sarcastic voice)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sunday 3rd December

Exercise: 18km Bike Ride - Warby Trail As I couldn't run the distance this morning, thought it would be a good opportunity to get out the bike and enjoy a bit of a ride....okay it probably wasn't a very sociable time to go out riding (7am), but it was good to catch up with the ESRG and it meant that Michelle had somebody to chat to while she was running. It was a very cool morning, but at least it wasn't raining. Got back to Mt Evelyn just before the heavens opened up....good timing!! Was home by 9.30am so I still had the whole day to make the most of. Ironing was my priority today....but there's only so much ironing a girl can do before she becomes a zombie!! And of course by the time I'd cleared a huge basket full, I'd filled another one with all the clean washing that I brought in off the line - it just never ends does it!! Alana's Quote: "So what's wrong with you Mr Grumpy!!" (said to Hubby)

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Saturday 2nd December

Exercise: 5km Run - Treadmill, Weights - Legs Okay so I would much rather have run outdoors this morning, but due to time constraints it was the gym that I headed for. Felt good running on the treadmill. The niggle still kicked in after about 3km but once again it didn't get any worse as I continued. Also left the ITB strap at home to see if it was any worse not wearing worse it seems!! I then did some strength work on my legs. Now I just need to find that tennis ball so I can roll around on it for a little while!! Have been out trying to choose some floor tiles and wall tiles for the frustrating is it!! There are just so many to choose from, and of course the ones that I like the most for the floor cost $82 per sq metre - now we need to measure up to see exactly how much that actually equates to (gulp!). Probably going to go for coloured glass tiles on the wall. Have found a nice colour but once again we need to measure up to find out how much it's going to cost us. Went to Brand Smart while we were out. Picked up a bargain - Donnay bright pink Dri Fit top (well their equivalent anyway) for $ a bargain, me!! Also managed to find some more chrissie presents so can cross more people off the list to buy for. Must get the decorations out of the garage tomorrow.....need to start feeling Christmassy soon 'cos it hasn't kicked in yet!! Alana's Quote: "He's so not going to get through!" (watching American Idol)

Friday, December 01, 2006

Friday 1st December

Exercise: 7.9km Run - MMCT Woo hoo! - That's twice in one week that I've been out running, and with Michelle too. We had so much to catch up on. It's amazing how quickly a run goes by when you're chatting! The knee is still a bit niggly but once I could feel the niggle it didn't actually get any worse, and to be honest, by the end of the run it was hardly niggly at all. I think I just may have to live with the niggle for now. Just need to make sure that I do the stetching, strengthening, icing etc. Have a feeling that this is the only way that the niggle will go away! Christmas is approaching very fast. Too fast in fact! I'm nearly all done with buying pressies, just a couple more to get, and of course they're the hardest ones aren't they!! And with Christmas comes all the evening stuff - next week is horrendous. Netball on Monday night, Dinner with the sales team on Tuesday night, Drinks and Nibbles with the company that we book our flights with on Wednesday night - this should be a great evening though as it's being held at the National Gallery. Getting my hair done on Thursday night as I can't go on my normal Saturday as we've got the "Family Xmas Do", then on Friday night Alana is singing with the school choir at Carols by Candlelight in the local park - so busy, busy, busy! Alana's Quote: "How does she do that thing with her hips - does she use special effects or something?" (said while Shakira was singing on the radio in the car).