Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thursday 31st August

Exercise: Body Attack Class OMG, 2 lots of exercise in one day!! That's a first for me in a long time! I think the hardest thing about tonight's class was when we had to do situps again. As they were exactly the same as the ones we did last night, my poor abs were not very happy. You know when you get that real pain that means that you're working SO hard it's almost too painful to bear??? Well that's what it was like! It was a new routine tonight too, so luckily it wasn't as fast paced as the instructors were also having to remember what moves came next. Not sure if I like this routine more than the last one though. What I do like is that fact that I still burned close to 1000 calories in that hour!! I'm trying to curb my chocolate addiction by substituting it for Protein Bars instead. And boy have I found a yummy one to substitute it with. The Choc Fudge bars are just sooooo good! Horleys Protein 33 Bars Alana's Quote: "Mum can we go to the pub tomorrow?" (She likes playing in the Kids play area!)

Thursday 31st August

Exercise: 10.5km Run - Hills Another cool morning - much cooler than Tuesday morning anyway! Any yes Stu, I wore my long sleeve Nike top and my sleeveless Jacket. Even had my fingerless gloves on for half of the run. Got to remember that I live out in the black yonder so it's always colder than inner suburbia!! The legs wern't very happy about running up the hills this morning, especially after their big jump around last night. Going down the hills was nearly as bad due to the ab work I did last night. The old stomach certainly copped a pounding! I'm finding it hard to drink enough water at the moment. I didn't feel at all dehydrated after the run and I have had no real urge to drink any during the day. This is not good as it means that I'm not flushing out all the crap that I tend to eat during the day, so I'm not very errr "regular" at the moment. (TMI?) I'm also not eating enough fruit and veggies so am feeling quite sluggish and bloated too. Must improve the eating! Normally once the warm weather starts I find that my food choices change and I much prefer to eat salads rather than stodgy hot food. Roll on warm weather!! Alana's Quote: "I think I just saw a cloud run by!"

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wednesday 30th August

Exercise: Body Attack Class Aaah, Body Attack....I'm becoming quite addicted to this class. The gym had put on an extra class this week as they couldn't get anyone to do the Step class that's usually on a Wednesday night. Excellent!! I felt absolutely fantastic during the class. Can't believe how much my cardio fitness has improved. The only down side of this class is that because of all the jumping about my bladder complained bitterly, so I had to nip out to the loos!! I know my abs are going to be sore tomorrow as we did these very painful crunches. Such hard work, but I know it'll pay off! I went home at lunch time today and sat out on the back verandah enjoying my lunch in the sunshine. I was tempted to chuck my shorts on and get the legs out but thought better of it as it would have meant having to get changed back into my work clothes, which I know would have been really depressing! Only 1 more month to go until Daylight Savings starts...YAY! Alana's Quote: "Okay, okay, we'll just do it your way then!"

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tuesday 29th August

Exercise: 10km Run - MMCT Wasn't it lovely and mild this morning. I took the sleeves off my jacket and just ran with a long sleeve tech top underneath. I just can't wait for the summer. And it's getting light by about 6.30am now so it's going to be so much more motivating once that sun comes up early!! I also want to start wearing my running skirts, but of course not until it's warm enough, and there is a bit of colour on my lilly whites!! Roll on summer. We got an inkling of it on Saturday (summer that is, not my lilly whites!!). Sat out on the back verandah with a cup of Nescafe Latte and a yummy Apple Cake enjoying the winter sun. Please hurry up Summer!!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday 28th August

Exercise: Netball Game Once again that spin class was just a futuristic dream this morning. Another late Sunday night meant that I had absolutely no motivation to get up early and go to the gym. I have bought a book which sounds like it is perfect for me. Eat Chocolate, Drink Alcohol and be fit and healthy. I haven't actually started reading it yet as I'm currently trying to finish reading Braveheart by Billy Connolly's wife before I have to take it back to the library!! Will let you know what I think. We won at Netball tonight...YAY!! The fact that the other team only had 6 players after half time probably helped us!! Got a good run around though. Nothing more to add, so goodnight!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday 27th August

Exercise: 20km Run - MMCT I was going to run this afternoon whilst Alana was at a roller skating birthday party but decided at the last minute that I'd go out this morning instead. Hubby took Alana swimming so it was the ideal opportunity. So I merrily trot off to the MMCT. Started out relatively slow but I wanted to work on increasing my stride as I'd had a discussion with Em on Friday night about it and wanted to test it. It certainly made a difference to my times. I did the first 10km in 53.29 which is the fastest I've ever run 10km!! Had to do a double take as I just couldn't believe what Gav was telling me!! I'm going to have to ask some questions on the forum about how to make my stride longer. I did find it difficult as my legs just didn't want to lengthen naturally. It was a real effort. So much so that I had to slow down for the next 10km as I'd really pushed myself and didn't seem to have alot of energy to keep the pace going. I definitely didn't negative split, that's for sure!! I'm really chuffed with my time anyway. Did 20km in 1.48 something, which is another personal best for me. Still shaking my head on that one. I'm going to download Gav shortly to see if he was playing up and it actually comes up with different info once it's been downloaded!! Can you tell that I'm not convinced!!! Alana's Quote: "I look beautiful don't I!"

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Saturday 26th August

Exercise: 15 Mins Cross Trainer, 15 Mins Bike Yesterday my girlfriend at work asked if I'd meet her at the gym early this morning so that I could show her how to use the Cross-trainer. Me being me, I was more than happy to oblige. Unfortunately I'd forgotten that I was going out last night for "drinkies" with the ESRG to wish Beki so long, farewell and good luck with moving to Sydney. And me being me, I didn't want to let my friend down so I hauled myself out of bed at 7.30 this morning and wearily made my way to the gym. I didn't actually have a hangover, but I didn't get to bed before 1am and I didn't sleep fantastically well either and I really didn't want to be there which you can probably see from the amount of exercise that I actually did while I was there!! And I really had no energy or enthusiasm to do any kind of exercise later in the day either. I did, however have plenty of energy to wander around the shopping centre this afternoon. It was pure luxury, as I didn't have Alana with me. So nice just to be able to pop in and out of shops at random without someone constantly saying "can we go now!". I bought a waterproof rain jacket while shopping in Rebel. It's the same as the one that Michelle bought, but I got a different colour from her so that we wouldn't look like the Bobsy Twins!! Bring on that rain! There's a song that's on the radio at the moment that I am absolutely loving. It's by a group called Peter, Bjorn and John and it's called Young Folks. I just keep hitting repeat every time it finishes. Sorry but I can't find a link to it! Alana's Quote: "I want a husband but I don't know where to find one!"

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thursday 24th August

Exercise: Body Attack Class This morning I asked my hubby if he could be home by 6pm so that I could do a Body Attack class at the gym. Of course come 6pm when I walked in the door, and I had no intention of going. Hubby dutifully reminded me that he'd got home early only because I'd asked him to, and I felt so guilty that I quickly got changed and drove down to the gym. Of course once I got there I was so glad that I'd gone. I absolutely love this class. It is just a constant heart rate raiser! I was told that they are going to bring out a new version next week so I'm looking forward to going again. This time I'm just going to walk in the door, get changed and go, without having to feel guilty about it! I've not had any alcohol since Saturday. I really noticed tonight when I looked in the mirrors at the gym that the top half of my body has got "thicker". I'm sure this is alcohol related, so I'll just limit my intake to weekends now. Speaking of which, I'm having a few drinks with the ESRG tomorrow night as Beki is leaving for Sydney and we thought we'd give her a send off! Alana's Quote: "Wow, did you see how much came out of my mouth!" (she was sick this week!)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tuesday 22nd August

Exercise: 10km Run - MMCT Got a text at 5.30am from Michelle telling me that it was pouring over her way. Normally this would be a great excuse for me not to run, but I stuck my head out the door and it wasn't raining here, and where we run is closer to my place than her place, so I couldn't really wuss out now could I! Of course within 5 minutes of us running the heavens opened up and it started to pour with rain. On the MMCT we have to run back on ourselves at about the 3km mark, which means passing where we park the cars. So a decision had to be made before we reached the cars whether we would continue running or call it a day. My legs were feeling great this morning and I knew that I just wouldn't be motivated enough to get down the gym tonight for a run so I suggested carrying on. What a great decision that was. Literally within about 5 minutes of running past the cars the rain stopped!! So glad we kept on running. I was in the supermarket at lunchtime waiting in the express checkout queue (which was about 10 deep, so not really express at all!!) and I had this old couple standing behind me. My god, please shoot me if I ever whinge as much as this couple did!! Didn't matter what the subject was, all I could hear was them complaining about it!! Is that what happens as you get older? Is there nothing good in life to talk about at that age?? Alana's Quote: "Can't remember!" (when asked what she did at school today!)

Monday, August 21, 2006

Monday 21st August

Exercise: Netball Game Another late night last night meant that I didn't get out of bed this morning for the spin class I was hoping to do. At least I turned the alarm off so that I didn't get woken up early. No alcohol yesterday - Yay me! It got to about 5pm and I was so haning out for a glass of champers. I knew there was also a full bottle of Jack Daniels in the cupboard but I'd asked hubby not to open the bottle as I'd like to try and go back to restricting the alcohol to weekends only, and if he opened the bottle I knew how easy it would be to come in from work and pour myself a glass or two! Netball tonight was tough. Michelle wasn't playing, and the other girl who normally swaps with Michelle wasn't playing either, so I got to play center for 3 quarters of the game. Yep, I certainly got a good workout! Haven't played center in a long time so I may feel it a bit tomorrow. I did, however, manage to lose my temper a little bit with the girl who I was playing against. She kept stopping right in front of me deliberately so that I would plough into her and she would get a free pass. Really got me peed off and in the end I asked her why she was doing it (probably not in the friendliest tone). She told me I should keep further away from her!! WTF!!! Alana's Quote: "It's as good as bronze!" (bronze, gold, it's all the same to her!!).

Sunday 20th August

More photos....Blogger doesn't want to play and wouldn't let me upload any more on the previous post.







Sunday 20th August

Exercise: 34km Bike Ride - Bellarine Rail Trail A very early start this morning. TigerBoy appeared on my doorstep at 5.30am. We went past Michelle's house and picked her up and got down to Geelong at about 7am. There was already a crowd of runners in the carpark. Michelle and I nipped off to the loos, which were inside the Geelong Showgrounds. There was a market setting up there and I stopped off to get a Latte and a toasted Bacon & Egg sarnie, then proceeded to eat and drink in front of everyone (sorry guys!!). It was a great trail to ride and run along. I had my MP3 player plugged into one ear so that I could still chat to Michelle, and then proceeded to sing most of the way along the trail. I'm sure it made Michelle run that much faster just so we could get to the end and I would stop singing!! It was a beautiful day too. Maybe a little bit too windy, but it certainly didn't take long to warm up. I even had to slap some sunscreen on Michelle's shoulders! Michelle probably didn't have the best of runs today, but she still kept on going to the end. Great effort Chick! I just know you're going to do it easy on Race day! It was great to say hi to Steve, Spark Driver, Eat Em, Chilliman and all the new people that I met yesterday. Took a few photos of the day. Steve and Spark Driver have some photos on their blog too!





Saturday, August 19, 2006

Saturday 19th August

Exercise: 8km Run - Local Run My body was screaming to go for a run so I made myself get up when the alarm went off at 7am even though I didn't go to bed until midnight last night! I had to wait for a little while for ahem...'things' to happen before I could head out the door, but once that was all out of the way I was off and running. Of course I hadn't checked my MP3 player for battery life and it died at about the 3km mark so the rest of the run was agony, listening to my own pathetic breathing!! I'd really wanted to do a 10km run but due to the loss of time before the run I could only do 8km as I had to be home around 8am to get ready to watch Alana doing her gymnastics. I actually think that 8km was enough for the old body though. I felt quite wrecked once I'd stopped running. I think that may have something to do with the fact that I included little 6 second bursts of speed every 5 minutes or so during the run. Not sure if it made much difference, but it sure worked the legs a bit! I'm not sure if this enforced rest has been good for my body or not. I certainly felt like I'd lost a bit of fitness during the run, even though it's only been 6 days since I've done any running, but I have to take into account also that I haven't been well, I've eaten pretty badly and I've drunk an excess of JD this week too!! As there is only about 7 weeks before the Melbourne 1/2 Marathon I need to seriously get back into some proper training so that I can at least run the distance with Michelle, who will be relying on me to help her get through the second half of the marathon. Okay I just need to pull my finger out and get things into perspective with regards to both my eating and running (and alcohol consumption!!). I can do this, I know I can! Alana's Quote: "Your hair's really messy Mum" (I'd just got out of bed!)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thursday 17th August

Well I've done a bit fat zilch exercsie wise this week. The cold returned with a vengence on Monday night. I got up so many times during the night to blow my nose, get a drink of water and go to the loo that I was a walking zombie when the alarm went off. I even SMS'd Michelle at about 4am to tell her that I wouldn't be running. And I had every intention of running when I went to bed too. Yes I had a little bit of a sniffle but it kicked in really badly during the night!! Hence my lack of doing anything, apart from overeating and also drinking way too much Jack Daniels. One of my work colleagues went to China and whilst coming back through Duty Free, picked me up 2 litres of the golden amber!! I've got into this little habit of pouring a drink as soon as I walk in the door, followed by another...not good! I'm just getting over the cold now so hopefully I'll be able to get out for a run on Saturday morning. It'll have to be early though as Alana has a competition with her Gymnastics so I'll have to be there for that! On Sunday a few of the ESRG are heading down to Geelong to do a Fat Ass Bellarine Rail Trail Run. As Michelle is going to run I thought it would be nice to ride along with her again (I'm definitely not fit enough to run 34km!). Of course that means leaving home at 5.30am to get to Geelong for 8am!! At least it's going to be a nice day! Check out this website - Running for Fitness. I pinched it from LBTEPA....thankyou! It's got so much information on it. Makes for some very thoughtful reading. Alana's Quote: Hubby: "I could do that" (watching Stunt Motor Cycle riders on TV) Alana: "No you couldn't Daddy, you'd hurt yourself!"

Monday, August 14, 2006

Monday 14th August

I really should learn that if I have a late night I very rarely will get out of bed at 5.30am!! Once again I had every intention of doing a spin class this morning but as I didn't actually close my eyes until nearly 12.30am I decided not to even bother considering it, so I turned the alarm off before I fell asleep. Even when it went off at 6.45am I still wanted to just turn over and go back to sleep! I've had some real wins today. Firstly the man from Westinghouse came out this morning to fix my beloved fridge. One look at it confirmed that it was definitely the compressor that had failed. I asked him how long it was going to take to fix, as it was costing me $30 for every 15 minutes of his time. I think he must have heard the pain in my voice as he decided that I could have the whole thing done under warranty. This meant that both his time and the parts were going to cost me NOTHING!! I was so happy I could have hugged him! Instead I offered him a cup of coffee! Then at lunch time I took a pair of Alana's school shoes back to the shop that I bought them from as the stitching had come away at the sides and her foot had come right through. Now I didn't have the docket or the box any more as I didn't think that the shoes were going to deteriorate so rapidly (she's only been wearing them since the beginning of this term). I was more than happy when the sales lady offered to swap them for a new pair! Yippee!! Haven't told you the saga about the car that we were selling on Ebay have I? Well it sold last Wednesday and we haven't heard from the winning bidder at all, despite many emails asking them to ring us so that we can organise to move the car (god I despise these people!!). Anyway we've offered it to the next highest bidder and they've accepted the offer based on the "Buy it Now" price. I'm happy with that, so at least the car has been sold again. Alana's Quote: "Nice crack Daddy!" (Hubby's ankle cracked when he moved his foot!)

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sunday 13th August

Exercise: 13.5km Run - Lilydale/Croydon Football Oval Hubby very kindly offered to take Alana swimming this morning so that I could watch the City 2 Surf on the TV. And I SO wanted to be there. I'm still kicking myself that I didn't go. I even considered jumping on a plane yesterday morning and flying up there!! Michelle did really well. 77 something I think. And she was going to pick me up one of those red hats that everyone was wearing. Well even if I didn't go I'm sure going to look like I did!! Today's long run was a bit of a catastrophe! I really wanted to run MMCT but we were a bit worried that Alana may have had a few problems with the trail as she's got a new bike and wasn't too confident riding it, so we thought that Lilydale Lake might have been a better option. I got 2 laps done before all hell let loose and she had a big hissy fit (won't go into details!!). We then decided that we'd find a fairly quiet area so that she could fly her new kite that Hubby had bought her. So I ended up doing laps of Croydon Footy Oval. Wasn't too boring as the sun was out, I could watch Alana and Hubby trying to get the kite in the air, and 400 metres comes around very quickly!! Had to stop after about 6.5km as Alana had enough of the kite and wanted to go home! I was going to run home but the lure of the car, the fact that I wasn't feeling 100% and also my stomach was growling made getting into the car a very easy choice!! Alana's Quote: Me: "I've told you 4 times already Alana" Alana: "Actually it was only 3 times Mum!"

Friday, August 11, 2006

Friday 11th July

Exercise: Body Pump Class I think I'm going to hurt tomorrow. Today's pump class was one of the older versions and there was lots of squats, lunges and bicep/tricep curls. Still a great class though! The body pump instructor was telling everyone that it was her daughter's debutante ball tonight and she'd been having a really hard time finding a dress to wear. Couldn't understand why as she has a great figure. It seems that she's a bit self conscious about her arms as they are very toned and muscly (probably due to the amount of body pump classes she teaches) and she wants to cover them up. Now if I had those arms (think Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2) I'd be parading them about like nobody's business. I'm off out tonight to see Babba. I'm a closet Abba fan and can probably sing along to most of their songs. My favourite is probably Honey Honey or Ring Ring!! I won't be dressing up though! And I want to say good luck to my bestest buddy Michelle. She's running the City to Surf in Sydney this weekend. I would have loved to have gone with her, and looking back now I'm not sure why I didn't go. Would have been a great girly weekend away. Free travel, free accommodation and a great environment....what was I thinking when I said NO!! Alana's Quote:"Mum, it's paining me" (she had a headache!)

Thursday, August 10, 2006


I took these photos on the camera phone as I was leaving work a couple of weeks ago. (Hence bad quality) It looked like pink lightning on the horizon.

Thursday 10th August

Exercise: 10.5km Run - Croydon Hills Wasn't it a great morning for a run. Slightly chilly but not cold enough to cause a frost. Michelle met me at my place and we did our hilly run again this morning. We also both donned our new lights that attach to the peak of our cap (if you click on the link the light is about half way down the page). They are really cool and with both our lights blazing we could see well in front of us. Everyone we ran past commented on them!! (Just hope we didn't blind them!) We even managed to shave 2 minutes off the last time we ran this course. I think that this run and the Yarra Trail run are my favourite runs at the moment. This run is just enough to keep the heart rate up without killing yourself on the uphill bits and easy enough to get your breath back on the downhill bits!! It's amazing how much I love my fridge without even realising it!! It stopped pushing any cold air through the fridge and freezer last week, so we called out a serviceman to have a look at it. $60 later and not much more we were informed that we should contact Westinghouse to get their technician to come and look at it as it would probably be a cheaper option as the parts would still be under warranty (the fridge is only 30 months old). Anyway, in the meantime we brought in our new fridge (luckily we had already bought all the appliances for our new kitchen) so that we wouldn't be without a fridge. I am not liking this new fridge at all. I just can't seem to bond with it!! It's much smaller than our old one, which would have been okay if the big one had still been working, but there just doesn't seem to be much room in it for anything, and it just doesn't feel 'right'. Happy to say that the big fridge is being fixed on Monday and will be back in it's rightful place!! Alana's Quote: "Daddy, can you plug out please, I need to tell you something!" (Hubby had his headphones in!!).

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tuesday 8th August

Exercise: 10km Run - Mullum Mullum Creek Trail I wasn't sure how I'd go this morning doing a 10km run. It's been 8 days since I've done any running so was a little bit apprehensive that I'd be able to do a straight 10km without feeling the loss of fitness. It was easy!! Yep, I felt absolutely great, and probably could have kept on going if I'd had the time. The legs felt really comfortable, with no niggles at all from the knee either! Can you tell I'm happy!! Now I've been struggling a little bit with the distance running. Am finding it increasingly difficult to finish 20km without feeling like a 70 year old woman! Yet running along the MMCT I'm sure that I could run the 20km without even thinking about it. How weird is that!! How mental is the brain sometimes in our thought process?? In fact, I may even do that this weekend. It means that I've got to run it end to end 4 times, but thinking about actually doing it, I have no real negative thoughts of not being able to do it as it's just such an easy trail to run. Will let you know how I go!! Is anyone else already addicted to Australian Idol? Okay, so I'm a reality TV junkie. At least it doesn't start until 7.30pm so I've got time to do stuff before I sit down on the couch!! And what happened to Yasmin???. Luckily I wasn't really interested in watching that one, and wasn't too surprised when it was taken off air!! Alana's Quote: "Please don't fuss me about it!" (we were hassling her about something, supposedly!!)

Monday, August 07, 2006

Monday 7th August

Exercise: Netball Game How bizarre is this....I woke up this morning when the alarm went off, only to realise that it was the second alarm, not the first one. I do remember turning off the first alarm (it goes off at 5.45am) as I'd wanted to get up and do a spin class, but when I looked at the time it was 6.45am. I must have instantly fallen back to sleep once I'd turned off the first alarm without even knowing it....very spooky!! Needless to say I didn't get to my spin class this morning!! Which was a real shame as I was actually looking forward to going! (now that's a first!). My eating over the weekend, chocolate wise anyway, has been great. I haven't eaten any at all! I have, however, managed to knock back 2 bottles of champagne, a Calzone Pizza and a McFlurry!! And before you say anything, Oreo McFlurrys do not count as Chocolate in my book! We lost at Netball tonight, but at least it was a good runaround. That's all that really matters to me at the moment. I'm not that bothered if we win or lose as long as I get some good cardio out of it! Is that bad? Alana's Quote: "Dad, WHY are we even having this arguement?!"

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sunday 6th August

Exercise: 34km Bike Ride - Warby Trail So my longed for run yesterday didn't eventuate. I woke up and realised that my lungs are still not at full capacity and I probably wouldn't be doing myself any favours if I tried to run. I decided that rather than run today I'd ride my bike and keep Michelle company instead. We met up at 7am at Mt Evelyn. TigerBoy, Eat Em, John & Ron were also there. The first 12km are pretty much all downhill, so there wasn't too much peddling, rather more braking!! There were still plenty of people on the trail even at 7am. We saw a Hot Air Balloon, which was an amazing sight as it was pretty close by. Don't they make one hell of a noise though!! Turned around at the 12km mark and started the climb back up to Mt Evelyn. On the bike it doesn't really feel like much of a hill, but I know from running it that looks are very deceptive and it's one of those inclines that just keeps going and going. Once we got to Mt Evelyn we said goodbye to John and Ron and continued on our way down to Lilydale. Once more the brakes were used regularly. Turned back around at Lilydale and made our way back up to Mt Evelyn. A great run by Michelle and the guys. I know that I'm definitely not fit enough to do those distances at all and I really take my hat off to them, especially Michelle who has worked so hard to get where she is now. We were going to stop at the coffee shop for coffees after the run/cycle but everyone had something to do this afternoon so it didn't happen. I want to say a huge thanks to my Hubby who was outside last night in the cold putting the bike rack thing on the car for me and getting my bike organised so that I didn't have to be mucking around with it at 6.30 this morning!! Took this photo of the trail whilst waiting for Michelle, who was otherwise occupied at the time!! Thanks to Steve, Frankie and Spark Driver who all played the inaugural trivia game! I have no idea how I got all 10 questions right, just lucky guesses I suppose!! Alana's Quote: "Mum I can't swallow, my pipes are blocked!"

Friday, August 04, 2006

Friday 4th August

Back to work today. And boy, did the day go quickly or what!! I'm really looking forward to getting a run in tomorrow morning while Alana is at Gymnastics. Will probably only make it a short 7km run, but hopefully this will ease me back into the exercise without too much pain or suffering!! I've just seen the weather forecast for the coming week and all I can say is SPRING IS NEARLY HERE!!! We're in for some really nice sunny weather - YES!! I'm a real trivia quiz nut so I thought I might create one of my own. If you look at the top right of the blog, there's a button to a trivia quiz that I created. It's loads of fun, so go on, log in and have a go!! Hopefully you'll all come back daily, even if it's just to play the game!! Alana's Quote:"I'm good at thinking aren't I?"

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thursday 3rd August

Hello World!! Have just resurfaced from the depths of snot, tissues, flegm, coughing fits, chills, sweats and everything else you could possibly think sounds downright disgusting!! Have done nothing at all since Monday. No energy, no oomph, no nothing!! I did go into work yesterday morning as my boss flew back in, but he didn't arrive at work until about lunchtime. I only stayed as long as was necessary to tie up a few things for him and then I was back at home, slobbing on the couch! One good thing (if there is one) is that my stomach has shrunk drastically. I know it's probably not the best way to lose weight, but it's certainly a good kick start. I have had no urges for food at all, just my chocolate milk. I've reverted to drinking my chocolate protein powder rather than Nesquick, which I hope is a better alternative!! Oh yeah, another good thing about being home is that I've managed to put a couple of things on Ebay for sale. If anyone's interested I've put a link on the right hand side. Speaking of Ebay, does everyone else have an Ebay "corner" where everything gets dumped so that it can be photographed and advertised on Ebay? I keep looking at the ever increasing pile and thinking how untidy the corner looks, then walking past it and ignoring it!! Love Ebay!! Alana's Quote: "Leave it to the professionals Dad!"