Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thursday 10th August

Exercise: 10.5km Run - Croydon Hills Wasn't it a great morning for a run. Slightly chilly but not cold enough to cause a frost. Michelle met me at my place and we did our hilly run again this morning. We also both donned our new lights that attach to the peak of our cap (if you click on the link the light is about half way down the page). They are really cool and with both our lights blazing we could see well in front of us. Everyone we ran past commented on them!! (Just hope we didn't blind them!) We even managed to shave 2 minutes off the last time we ran this course. I think that this run and the Yarra Trail run are my favourite runs at the moment. This run is just enough to keep the heart rate up without killing yourself on the uphill bits and easy enough to get your breath back on the downhill bits!! It's amazing how much I love my fridge without even realising it!! It stopped pushing any cold air through the fridge and freezer last week, so we called out a serviceman to have a look at it. $60 later and not much more we were informed that we should contact Westinghouse to get their technician to come and look at it as it would probably be a cheaper option as the parts would still be under warranty (the fridge is only 30 months old). Anyway, in the meantime we brought in our new fridge (luckily we had already bought all the appliances for our new kitchen) so that we wouldn't be without a fridge. I am not liking this new fridge at all. I just can't seem to bond with it!! It's much smaller than our old one, which would have been okay if the big one had still been working, but there just doesn't seem to be much room in it for anything, and it just doesn't feel 'right'. Happy to say that the big fridge is being fixed on Monday and will be back in it's rightful place!! Alana's Quote: "Daddy, can you plug out please, I need to tell you something!" (Hubby had his headphones in!!).