Friday, October 29, 2004

Love/Hate Relationship

I am the first to admit that my biggest downfall in life has always been Chocolate. If somebody offers it to me, I find it really hard to resist and say NO! I also find it hard to say no to lollies as well. Kids birthday parties are one of the hardest things for me to go to. They have all the food there that I love. I breathe a sigh of relief if Alana gets invited to a party at McDonalds or Hungry Jacks (phew!!) I remember when I first started working, I would pop into the Milk Bar on the way to work and grab $1's worth of Humphrey Bear lollies (not sure if they make them any more). $1 was alot of lollies in those days (1980). I never had pocket money as a child, so when I started working and had my own money I was like a kid in a lolly shop!!! I also remember when I was married to my second husband that we'd go for a drive and on the way home would stop at the Milk Bar and buy tons of lollies, chocolate and biscuits, get home and just scoff the whole lot!! Used to smoke a bit of dope too, but only socially, so when I knew that we had friends coming over, I'd trot along to the Milk Bar and buy lots of lollies. It's always been in me, and I can't for the life of me figure out where it came from. Was it because I was deprived as a child? We did get some nice things. Fish & Chips most Thursday nights, we got biscuits as a treat too. But I can't remember there being much chocolate (if any) in the house. Probably because it was too expensive (there are 5 of us kids!). I suppose I should thank my parents for not filling us full of junk food as a child, but I still look back and feel that I did miss out on some of the nicer things to eat. Being the fussy cow that I am, I don't like all chocolate. I'm not really into Dove Chocolate (Dove Bar Icecreams are another thing altogether!). I don't like Turkish Delight either. And I can live without any of the coffee centred chocolates. I can also say no to Truffles (apart from Champagne Truffles from Davina Chocolates in the UK). Also not really enticed by those chocolate shells that seem to be all the rage too. I am a big fan of dark chocolate....A Rum & Raisin chocolate bar can be devoured in little under 5 mins!! Love Raspberry Licorice covered in dark chocolate (Darrel Lea), and a bar of 70% cocoa Chocolate by Lindt doesn't last very long around me. Then there's toffee. I can go through a bag of toffee without even thinking about it. The harder the toffee, the better. My all time favourite is Cherry Ripe. When I was living in the UK, my mum used to send them out to me regularly. Since being back in Oz I've gone off them a bit. I have moved onto Picnic Chocettes, but only the Chocettes. Picnic bars themseleves don't really do it for me as they have too many peanuts in them, as do Snickers. If I want a big hit without spending too much money, I'll get a Mars Bar. That'll bring me out in a sweat every time!! I could go on for ever about chocolate and lollies, but I've probably said enough!! Hope not too many of you are drooling!!