Saturday, December 31, 2005

Saturday 31st December

Exercise: 10km Run (Mullum Mullum Creek Trail) Met Tony & Mark for a run along Mullum Mullum Creek. As it's going to be a really hot day today (42 degrees) we met up at 8.00am. As I got woken up by this stupid little bird making tons of noise outside the bedroom window, I was ready and raring to go by 7.30am!! Got a bit hydrated at the 9km mark and I did slow down a bit. Breathing was a tad difficult!! I was very relieved when I saw the bridge where we finish up. I'm really glad that I've got the exercise out of the way early as there's no way that I'd be able to run later due to the heat. I'm happy to report that I've lost 1.6kg over the last few days. I know that it's been TTOM so part of my weight gain was due to that, but just doing a bit more exercise and cutting back on the crap food has helped! Hope you all have a happy and prosperous new year. I've only got one bottle of champagne left in the box so that will suffice tonight. We're going to take our daughter up the mountain so that she can see the fireworks up in the city at 9pm tonight. Then just a quiet evening in!!

Friday, December 30, 2005

Friday 30th December

Exercise: 5km Run (Treadmill), 30 Mins Cross Trainer (5.14km) I went to bed very late last night and didn't have the energy to go for a run this morning. I had quite a few things to do today, so spent most of this morning out and about. Hubby got home early and I could have gone down the gym then, but didn't. Spent a bit of time sunbathing (what was I thinking.....38 degrees!!). I finally pulled my finger out at about 5.30 and I'm so glad that I went. The gym was virtually empty and the air conditioning was on full blast....heaven! I have a weight which I try and never go above. If I do go above it I know that I need to do some really hard work to get back down below it. Well I went over that weight on Christmas Day. It's given me the kick start that I needed to get back down the gym and do some real sweat inducing exercise for a change. I've still got another kilo to lose before I'm under that maximum weight, but I'm working on it!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Thursday 29th December

Exercise: Day 1 Weight Program, 20 Mins Crosstrainer (3.62km), 10 Mins Hillwork - Treadmill (1.62km) Well I finally managed to get to the gym this morning. I did go to bed at 8.30pm last night, and got in about 9 hours sleep, after being woken up by the phone and having to get up in the night for the loo. It made getting out of bed at 6.15am much easier. I know I said that I wasn't going to have a drink until New Years Eve but we had some friends come over tonight for a BBQ and luckily (or unluckily) I had a few bottles of the old Bella Champagne put away, so I did have a few glasses. Looking to go out for a run tomorrow morning before the heat of the day....37 degrees!! Summer has definitely arrived!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Monday 27th December

Exercise: 6km Run (2 laps Croydon Golf Course) I'm so glad that Christmas is over. No more crap food in the house. I know that I bought too much, and I know that I did it deliberately. I could justify eating it as it was in the house, and also that it was Christmas. Now it's all gone....and I have to get past the urge to peek in the fridge or the cupboard and grab something yummy to eat. I've deliberately not put any more champagne in the fridge either. My next drink will be New Years Eve. I've been slack on the exercise front. I talked about going for a run on Christmas morning, but my daughter woke us up at 7.30am and that was the end of any thoughts that I may be able to get out. She wanted presents and she wanted them there and then!! Anyway I've been out this morning. I ummed and aahhed about it for a while but decided that if I didn't do it this morning before it got too hot, I'd certainly not want to do it this evening when it's going to be hotter!! Even then I only did 2 laps of the golf course when I was intending on doing 3. It was just too warm. There's always tomorrow to do some more!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Saturday 24th December

Exercise: 7km Run (Mullum Mullum Creek Trail) Okay who suggested that it would be a great idea to mix my drinks last night???? Do not mix champagne and Ouzo!! I've had minimal sleep, through no fault of my own! I got home from the Xmas party last night and fell asleep instantly on the bed. Hubby woke me up a while later so that I could take my clothes off that I was still wearing. He also suggested that I get up and have some berocca - good idea that one! Our daughter decided that it would be a good idea if she woke us up at 4am to tell us that there was thunder coming! From then on I don't think I got more than a 1/2 hours sleep. Hubby went and slept in her bed and she slept in our bed, waking me up every 10 minutes when she moved, or turned or coughed. I watched the clock tick around to 7am and then got out of bed as it was pointless just lying there. Had to meet the running group at 8.15am anyway, so I thought I'd better try and make an effort to lose the headache and get some food into me. The run was hard...way too hard after a night on the turps!! Had to cut it short at 7km as I couldn't run any more. My own fault I know!! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Thursday 22nd December

I have totally lost my oomph...I just can't seem to find it. This week has been a total writeoff with regards to exercise. I put together a fantastic exercise schedule and what happens??? Nothing - that's what!! I've been totally lacking in energy. Even last night, I went to bed at 10.30pm and woke up at 7am feeling like I've not slept at all. And I'm sitting here at my desk yawning my head off and my eyes feel so heavy, it's ridiculous!! Even to the extent that some of us running friends organized a BBQ so that the rest of the families could come and get to know each other while we do a couple of laps around Lilydale Lake. I even put all my running gear on. But I get there and just have no motivation to run whatsoever. Instead I get poured a nice glass of bubbly and sit eating dim sims cooked on the BBQ and watching the kids running around. I am meeting Michelle, Tony & Mark on Saturday morning for an easy 10km jog along Mullum Mullum Creek. However I did forget when I organized it that I'm at the works Christmas party tomorrow, so will be drinking plenty of water and downing tons of Berocca when I get home, otherwise it won't be nice sight, me waking up on Saturday morning. I just can't wait for the holidays to begin. Not having to even consider getting out of bed early sounds so good to me at the moment. It'll be nice to get up at a decent hour and go for a run when it suits me, rather than the alarm telling me to get up. I will keep updating my blog as I also use it to log my running usage. It might not actually be on the day that I do the exercise but it'll appear sometime!! Hubby and I have bought new mountain bikes for Christmas. It's this one. I can't wait to use it along some of the great trails that we have in the area. I'm also getting a pedometer attached to it so that I can monitor the distance for when Michelle and I do any runs along the same route. Only downside is that we have to wait 3 weeks before they're delivered!! Only one more sleep to go until I can relax and enjoy myself!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Saturday 17th December

Exercise: 10km Run (Mullum Mullum Creek Trail) Okay so yesterday didn't happen exercise wise. I did wake up when the alarm went off but my body and brain just said NO WAY! So 5 days out of 6 isn't bad! Had a great run today. Met up with Mark, Tony & Michelle and ran the Mullum Mullum Creek Trail. Was a bit scared in the morning as it poured down with rain at my place, but was totally dry and sunny in Rowville (where I went to get my hair cut). Driving back home, there was this big black cloud over my house! And it rained again before I left to meet everyone. Luckily the rain never eventuated while we ran, but there were some more big black clouds on the horizon. Why me? What have I ever done to have this rain cloud hanging over me? Not sure if I'm going to get any exercise in tomorrow as it's the family christmas get together. For me that means getting drunk and letting all the family fights wash over me! Here's next weeks schedule of exercise: Monday - Weights Program at the Gym Tuesday - 10km Run Outside Wednesday - Weights Program at the Gym (AM). 6km Run at Lilydale Lake (PM) Thursday - Cross Training at the Gym Friday - Weights Program at the Gym Saturday - 10km Run Sunday - 5km Run (Hopefully!!) I wish the company I work for would stop supplying Morning Tea and Afternoon more needs to be said!!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Thursday 15th December

Exercise: 8km Run (Outside) Must go to bed earlier. It's getting harder and harder to get out of bed in the mornings and the late nights seem to be getting more regular. Think it's because I sit at the computer and read blogs because I don't really have the time during the day any more. This morning's run was hard work. I did 2 blocks near my house, but the roads near my place are hilly and I didn't seem to have alot of energy to get up those hills quickly. Then on the second circuit I started to get a pain in my groin whenever I ran up an incline. I had to walk a section of the way as the pain was quite bad. I was fine on the flat and downhill though. Had to cut the run short as I just couldn't face the long hill back to my place, so cut through a side street instead....not something I do very often!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Wednesday 14th December

Exercise: 30 Mins Cross Trainer (4.79km), 20 Mins Bike (8.74km) So do you like the look of the blog? I've found a couple of templates that I like the look of, so I'll try this one out for a little while and if I decide that I don't like it, then I'll swap it for another one that I'm working on. I am totally sticking to my exercise plan so far this. I feel much more accountable if I actually write down what I'm going to do. I suppose it's the same for food. If I write down what I'm going to eat for the week it's probably much easier to organize it all, rather than get home and look in the freezer, unable to decide what to do for tea, then just end up eating something not that great

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tuesday 13th December

Exercise: Day 3 Weights Program (AM) 6km Run - Lilydale Lake (PM) Well that was great. Two lots of exercise in one day. Mind you I had a bit of trouble with the run due to a minor problem with the stomach. Note to self: Do not eat too much fruit if going for a run!! I succumbed to the food today. At work there was a Christmas food spread instead of our usual Anzac & Oatmeal Biscuits (work provide these every 2nd Tuesday). Mince Pies, Shortbread, Chocolate Truffles.....I tried them all! Just as well I did that run tonight. Everyone seems to be off on their Christmas travels now. It's getting a bit lonely in here. Am I the only one still blogging?

Monday, December 12, 2005

Monday 12th December

Exercise: 10km Run (Outside) Well the Xmas party was fun. I got to see all the work that's being done for the Commonwealth Games. They're currently laying turf over the running track that's been put down so that they can play Cricket there. Drinks were aplenty (thank goodness). I must admit that I didn't eat too much of the food as there was quite a bit that I didn't like (fussy cow that I am). Not into scallops or Mushroom Tarts. I did enjoy the Peking Duck wrapped in paper and the Crumbed Chicken with Almonds was absolutely delicious. I followed that tray around the room a few times!! I've done no other exercise until this morning. What a beautiful morning to run. It was already 20 degrees when I ran out the door and it was considerably warmer by the time I got back home. I did work in the garden yesterday, mowing, pruning, pulling weeds out etc, so hopefully that helped a little bit. My schedule for the rest of this week is as follows: Tuesday: Weights at Gym in morning, Run in evening (with running group) Wednesday: Cross Training at Gym in morning Thursday: Run in morning Friday: Weights at Gym in Morning Saturday: Run with Michelle in afternoon. Sunday: Day Off At least if I write it down I've got something to work towards!!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Wednesday 7th December

Exercise: Day 2 Weights Program I woke up every couple of hours last night and I was dreaming about Ebay every single time I woke up. I am selling some stuff on Ebay at the moment (snap Kathryn!!) and I've been up late the last few nights putting it all on. Even though it's great selling the stuff, nobody tells you that it takes ages to set it all up before uploading it onto Ebay. I've been shopping for trainers again. I wasn't looking for new trainers I have to tell you, but as I walked by Athletes Foot on Saturday they had some Saucony trainers out the front of the shop with a sale sigh on them. Now my favourite trainer of all time are Saucony, so it caught my eye immediately. And would you believe that they were selling my absolute bestest favourite model of the trainer too...this was just getting better. So I checked out the price and they had been reduced by 50%....did you get that....50%!! How could I refuse them! So I'm now a very happy bunny...and I'm considering going back to buy the other pair that they had in my size too, as these bargains don't come along every day you know! I've been trying to watch what I eat over the last couple of weeks. I've cut right back on my alcohol consumption and have been good most of the time when it's come to chocolate, lollies and cakes etc. And it's all been because of the Xmas do that I'm going to tomorrow night. It's for the travel agent that we use at work and the three PA's have been invited to go. It's at the MCG so it should be a real laugh. And you can win prizes holidays!! So I'm going to put on my lucky undies (I'll close my eyes and pull a pair out of the drawer) and hope that they pull my name out of the barrel. I want to have a few drinks and eat the food that's going to be available to me,and because I've cut right back on the crap food, I've told myself that I can justify letting my hair down tomorrow night.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Tuesday 6th December

Exercise: 3.2km Run (Mullum Mullum Creek Trail) I think I spoke too soon about the rain. Met up with Michelle & Tony for a run tonight and we got about 10 minutes down the road and the heavens opened up on us. We had considered cancelling the run earlier in the day as it had been pouring with rain for most of the morning and in to the afternoon. But the sun came out and the rain disappeared so we decided to all meet up. But as I was driving towards the trail the clouds were all building up again and as I got out of the car it started to spit!! I'm doomed to have a rain cloud over my head forever!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Sunday 4th December

Exercise: Sussan Womens Fun Run - 10km A late night last night followed by an early start this morning meant that I only got about 4 1/2 hours sleep, so not a great start to the day! Michelle asked me if I'd drive her car as she'd had a bit to drink last night, so she had to put up with me trying to destroy the gears in her car (I drive an automatic!!). We got to St. Kilda with plenty of time to pick up our race numbers, drop our bags off at the holding area and queue for the loos. Luckily the organisers were smart enough to realise that with it being a women's only race, it was their number one priority to ensure that there were plenty of toilets available....hats off to them! The race started right on time, and for everyone who had a great sleep in this morning, the race started at 8am!!! We were lucky enough to start near the front of the crowd, probably because we skipped out of the aerobics warm up and just went straight to the starting point! Both Michelle and I decided that we were just going to run a nice comfortable pace, we wern't out to break any PB's today. We'd both brought our MP3's along as well in case we needed a bit of a pick up (music always helps me run better). I wasn't going to turn mine on until I ran out of conversation, and at about the 6km mark I mentioned to Michelle about turning them on, only to find out that she'd had hers on the whole time. I hadn't thought of turning mine on quietly as I'm of the opinion that all running music needs to be very loud to drown out my gasping breaths!! So I turned it on quietly enough so that I could hear Michelle if she spoke to me and it got me through the last 4km's very nicely thank you very much! The last couple of km's were on a slight uphill gradient, but after running 8km's it felt like a 90 degree mountain!! Luckily the last 100 metres was downhill so we got a bit of speed up to run across the finish line. We did the 10km in 56.25 today, which was a whole lot better than our Olympic Dream 10km...we did that in 59.09, so running slowly and surely really makes a difference!! And I have to mention that it was a beautiful sunny and warm morning, so I can dispel all those comments about me always bringing the rain with me!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Thursday 1st December

Exercise: Day 1 Weights Program Once again I laid in bed arguing with myself about getting up and going to the gym this morning. I'm getting good at it now!! I think I might be eating too much muesli. I've taken a real liking to the Strawberry & Yoghurt one on the shelves. The yoghurt is dried so it's like eating pieces of white chocolate...yummo! And I'm mixing it with a berry yoghurt so it's got a really nice flavour. I'm also having a Carmans Muesli bar as well during the day so I may be OD'ing on the stuff! I'm hoping that it's better than eating chocolate and biscuits though.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Wednesday 30th November

Exercise: 9km Run (Outside) No posts from me means that I haven't done any exercise for the last 2 days....of course I've always got an excuse for not doing any, but I'm sure you don't want to hear them! I met up with Michelle & Tony tonight and we ran around the local golf course. There's a nice track that runs right around the perimiter which is about 3km long. We ended up doing 3 circuits of the track. I've not felt that great over the last couple of days (my excuse for not exercising). I have the start of a cold - sore throat, runny nose, but it hasn't progressed from there so I'm kind of in limbo with it all. Just wish it would either break or go away!!