Saturday, December 17, 2005

Saturday 17th December

Exercise: 10km Run (Mullum Mullum Creek Trail) Okay so yesterday didn't happen exercise wise. I did wake up when the alarm went off but my body and brain just said NO WAY! So 5 days out of 6 isn't bad! Had a great run today. Met up with Mark, Tony & Michelle and ran the Mullum Mullum Creek Trail. Was a bit scared in the morning as it poured down with rain at my place, but was totally dry and sunny in Rowville (where I went to get my hair cut). Driving back home, there was this big black cloud over my house! And it rained again before I left to meet everyone. Luckily the rain never eventuated while we ran, but there were some more big black clouds on the horizon. Why me? What have I ever done to have this rain cloud hanging over me? Not sure if I'm going to get any exercise in tomorrow as it's the family christmas get together. For me that means getting drunk and letting all the family fights wash over me! Here's next weeks schedule of exercise: Monday - Weights Program at the Gym Tuesday - 10km Run Outside Wednesday - Weights Program at the Gym (AM). 6km Run at Lilydale Lake (PM) Thursday - Cross Training at the Gym Friday - Weights Program at the Gym Saturday - 10km Run Sunday - 5km Run (Hopefully!!) I wish the company I work for would stop supplying Morning Tea and Afternoon more needs to be said!!