Sunday, November 27, 2005

Sunday 27th November

Exercise: Spring Into Shape 8km Run I woke this morning to grey overcast conditions with rain....all my running buddies always blame me when it rains on race day, as it's always when I run that it rains. Luckily the sun came out a little later on, but it was a close call! I need to train longer distances again. Since my last 1/2 marathon in October I have not run more than 12km (which was last week) and it's really showing in my running at the moment. I was exhausted by 5km and found it really hard to get into a rythmn. Luckily Michelle was having the same problem, so once the new year starts we're going to start building up our distance again. We aim to be running 25km long runs by the time our first 1/2 marathon for 2006 rolls around (May). Unofficial time this morning was 45.32, which was an improvement on my last 8km race! Hip was fine! Here's the Dynamic Duo as we're known by some!

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