Thursday, November 17, 2005

Thursday 17th November

I woke up this morning with a massive headache. I'd gotten up at about 2ish to go to the loo and I had a slight headache then, but when the alarm went off it was absolutely pounding. You know when it gets to the point when you feel like being sick. I tried adjusting my pillows and lying flat, but the only thing that seemed to help it was the Advil tablets I took when I finally got out of bed. Feeling much better now thanks. I didn't tell you about the MRI scan did I? Has anyone ever had one? Well I hadn't so all I could visualize it being like is what you see on the TV. Only it's nothing like that!! It was much bigger and I had to wear ear muffs as it's that noisy. Like machine gun fire!! It took about � hour to do all the images and they sent them directly to my doctor. So I go and see the doctor today. Good news and bad news he tells me. Good news is that I don't have a stress fracture. Bad news is that I have Tendonitis Bursitis blahdy blahdy blah. He showed me on the scan the white bit on the side of my hip where the problem is. Some sac filled with muck I think it was!! Anyway I've got a couple of options. Complete rest from running (like that's going to happen), or I can take some oral anti inflammation tables and put a little raiser thing in my left trainer to help. And make an appointment to see the physio for some strengthening and stretching exercises. There was a third option. Cortisone injection directly into my hip. Can you guess which one I chose?