Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sunday 6th November

Exercise: 9.4km Run What a beautiful morning for a run. I met up with some of my running friends and we ran some of the Warburton Trail. It was an uphill incline all the way, but coming back it was downhill....yippee!! My hip is now hurting again but I don't care. I really enjoyed the run and know that it would just kill me to have to stop for any reason. I've got an appointment with a sports doctor on Thursday. Have given up on the Myotherapist as she has now recommended a physio. We have been to Brighton today. Ate a late lunch at a little cafe just near the beach and then headed onto the beach for the rest of the afternoon. Have finally got a bit of colour. Having a tan really lifts my spirits and I feel so much better about myself. Looking back I've only done one day's exercise this last week, so I need to get back into it again.