Saturday, October 29, 2005

Saturday 29th October

Exercise: Personal Training Session OMG!! I have been well and truly personal trained today! Before I started I had to stand on these scales that took all sorts of different measurements. The only ones I remember is what the scales said (hmmm!) and based on all the different results the scales threw out, how old my body thinks it is (35), compared to my real age (42), so not too bad really! The Personal Trainer (Elaine) took me down to the circuit training room and worked my butt off. I didn't realise how out of condition cardiovascually (sp?) I was. I almost fainted a couple of times with how hard we were training! She had me doing shuttle runs in between jumping on the tramp, using the small stepper, then the Stair Climber and then the wind machine thingy! Then, whilst still doing the circuit stuff, we changed to using the fit ball, bouncing it in front of me, beside me whilst still shuttling. And finally...yep still doing the circuit, we also did pushups and tricep dips. And when I thought it was all over we then used the medicine ball, lifting it up using biceps, then over our head to use the triceps, followed by having to bounce it as hard as possible, and then alternate by throwing it in air as high as possible! I'm sweating just thinking about it all again!