Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tuesday 18th October

Exercise: 45 Mins Treadmill - walk/run (5.92km), Chest, Obliques, Lots of stretching I thought I'd do some walking on the treadmill this morning as my legs just felt too tight and sore to run outside. So I got as far as 15 minutes before the urge to run took over. I stretched out the quads before I started to run, which helped alot, then did a bit of running followed by a bit of walking, with some more stretching in between. I'd forgotten what it really felt like to have sore quads and glutes (bum). Now I remember. I'm finding it really hard to look like I'm walking normally. I can't believe that doing a few squats and lunges yesterday can put me in this much pain! But it has! May have to have a day off tomorrow to recover a little....and they always say that the second day is worse than the first! Can't wait for that!