Friday, October 14, 2005

Friday 14th October

I didn't get to the gym this morning as I woke up with quite a bad headache, so decided to go back to sleep to see if I could get rid of it with a bit of extra kip - and it worked too! I have to tell you about some pills that I've bought (on the recommendation of Mr Body Builder at work). I ordered them from the U.S.A and they were not cheap, but hopefully they will be worth the money! Got them from this site. I thought I'd try them today to give me a feel for what they do.....and boy do they do something!! I'm buzzing still. Took them at 8.00am and I'm still flying! Has anyone ever taken Actifed with Advil tablets together? Well it's a real feel good feeling that overcomes you. Here's a link to the AMP tablets. And here's the link to the Green Tea tablets that I'm taking. They are going to be used as an aid to my fitness, my weight loss and my body toning. Once again, I'll keep you informed!