Saturday, October 01, 2005

Saturday 1st October

Exercise: 2 Hr Run (19km) Yay, the sun was out today. It was so much nicer than running in the cold and the rain. Just having a little bit of trouble with my quads. They seemed to lose energy after about 15km and I had to walk for 1 minute or so over the last 4km. Might have to get a massage to see if it eases the tightness. I've also got a little niggle in my left knee. I'll put some Nurofen Gel on it overnight and see if it improves. Will hopefully make it out the door for a 5km slow jog to keep the legs moving otherwise I know that I'm going to get stiff and sore. I realised that I hadn't done a long run for 3 weeks, so I'm in line for a bit of soreness and need to keep stretching to counteract any pain!! The Melbourne Marathon is next Sunday. Michelle and I are doing the 1/2 marathon,which starts at Beaumauris and ends up at the Art Centre on St Kilda Road. So if you live along the beach road at all, come and give us a cheer!! Hubby is going to drive us down to the start line, so we'll have to leave at about 6.15 in the morning. I'm used to getting up at this time, but I'm going to have to have a big mug of coffee ready for him so that he can get going. He is such a great person, offering to drive us. He is really supportive of my running and I know that he looks forward to me walking in the door all happy and smiley after a run or a race. I got on the scales after my run today and I'm back under 64kg now (63.4) so I'm more than happy with that. And I want to tell you all about a great recipe that I did tonight. Chicken Parmagiana (sp?). Got it from Karen . It was absolutely delicious. Am going to make it a very regular weekly dinner - simple, quick and very filling. I had mine with a salad. Thank you Karen.