Saturday, September 17, 2005

Saturday 17th September

Exercise: 70 Min Run Outside (11km) Okay who mentioned rain? Oh yeah, that was me!! It was dry when I walked out the door this morning to meet Michelle. Drove up the road a little bit and it started to spit...but not too much that I was worrying. It was dry where I meet Michelle and park the car....all going well so far. We start off and it's beginning to look a bit bleak. We both realise about 5 mins into the run that we both need to go to the loo, but as there are toilets at Jells Park (which is where we're running to) we're happy to keep going. Not long after this it starts to rain - great!! Not too much at first, but within about 10 minutes it's raining quite heavily. We both agreed that if it got too bad then we'd turn around and go back. It got bad!! But of course we kept going. Well we were already wet and we both felt fine, so why bother turning around. At about the 8km mark I suddenly realised that I could not hold on until we got to the toilets at Jells Park, so I had to make a pit stop - enough said!! (hopefully none of the golfers saw me squatting!!). It's now absolutely pouring, with really strong winds. We were both absolutely drowned. What I thought may have been an almost waterproof jacket that I was wearing, I now realised was only shower proof!! So we get to Jells Park and then the hail arrived. We're now being absolutely pelted on by both driving rain and hail - we wern't having fun any more!! Jells Park is almost totally under water, so our feet are now absolutely water logged and I feel like I'm squelching in my trainers. And as we have to run up a big hill to get to the toilets, all the water is rushing down the hill, so we have to just run through it all. Finally we make it to the toilets, and of course I have no need for them now (see above). We both look like drowned rats now that we're out of the rain. I felt like I'd just jumped out of a swimming pool, that's how wet we were! Have you ever tried to pull down soaking wet pants and then pull them back up again - imagine wet bathers but 10 times worse - yuck! Now we have to make a decision. Do we run back to the cars or do we bottle it and ring one of the hubby's to pick us up and drive us back to our cars? You guessed it!! While waiting for Michelle's hubby to pick us up we walk over to the carpark. And what a sight for sore eyes. There's a kiosk open (well it's the Teahouse actually) and they sell Hot Chocolate - yippee!! So we're now snuggled under a very large patio heater (which got cranked up to full blast by yours truly) with a lovely cup of hot chocolate in our hands waiting for our lift. Of course by the time I got home the rain had stopped and the sun even had the cheek to appear for an hour or so! It all seems like a dream now....just hope the sun is shining tomorrow as I've got to go and do my long run again!!.