Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Wednesday 7th September

Exercise: 30 Mins Treadmill (5.05km), 20 Mins Crosstrainer (3.18km) Food Intake: Breakfast: Porridge with banana & golden syrup Morning Tea: Anzac Biscuits Lunch: Tuna Mayo on Grain Bread Afternoon Tea: Anzac Biscuits Dinner: Singapore Noodles, Chicken, Stir Fry Veggies, Thia Sweet Chilli Sauce It was a hard run this morning. My legs are taking longer to get back to normal than they have in the past. They still hurt. I even considered getting off the treadmill after 10 minutes as they hurt that bad. I may have to consider getting a massage for the legs to see if they improve at all. Those Anzac biscuits were not a very good buy! There were way too many of them, but I managed to finish them today. So two days to eat 24 biscuits....not bad! I can feel a tightening of my clothes this week......not sure how that makes me feel, but it certainly hasn't put me off eating junky food, that's for sure.