Thursday, October 21, 2004

A Little Bit About Me

Firstly I wanted to say a big thankyou to Cryptic for his really thoughtful comments. I thought I might just give you a little bit of a look into how I think and why I do the things I do (though half the time I'm not sure myself!!). I'm not huge on cooking if I don't have the time. As I'm not getting home until about 6pm I'm usually starving by then. But I firstly have to get Alana organised, which means bathed and fed. She's not the quickest of kids to get things done, so it takes a bit of a push and a prod to actually get her in the bath, and even longer to try and get her out (she's a bit of a fish in the water....really loves it). Then by the time I've managed to get her fed (she's a pretty fussy eater and sometimes I have to literally bribe her to eat!!)it's then time to do some reading (she brings a reader home from school to read each evening). In between all this I have to decide what to eat for me and my man. Normally I forget to defrost something from the freezer, so it's ususally something easy, or some meat chucked in the microwave to dethaw, then find a sauce from a bottle that's always stashed in the cupboard, a bit of rice or pasta (quick and easy....but then saying that, Brown Rice takes forever to cook!), and voila - dinner is served. If I do have the time, mainly weekends, then I do like to cook. With the summer coming up I'm looking forward to using the BBQ more and just chucking some salad on the plate with my bit of steak or chicken. But I can also go overboard with that too. Get to the butcher and there's all this great food to choose from. Kebabs, fantastic flavoured sausages, hamburgers, marinated chops etc etc. Sometimes it looks like I've bought a whole side of an animal!! At least if it's all cooked up, it can be eaten cold the next day. Never goes to waste in our house! I've probably tried just about every diet and most ways of eating that are around. Done the cabbage soup diet, tried low carb, south beach, low fat, etc etc. I've also got most of the diet books on my shelf too, along with all the cook books to go with them. Most of my friends say that I don't look overweight and I shouldn't really worry about my weight...unfortunately I do, and always have - probably since my first husband banged into me most days that I was fat and ugly, so I understand where this obsession with my weight comes from, which doesn't really help me though!! I do hide my weight well, mostly with clothes that don't show my blubby belly or flabby arms, but as summer approaches I get that awful feeling that I'm going to have to hold in my stomach for the whole time!! I'm sorry Cryptic but I could never throw away my scales. They are like a piece of me and I love them (or on bad days I loathe them) to death. They've got the body fat thing on them too, so I also know if I've gained or lost fat, although I tend not to use this as much as it has to be programmed in each time I want to check. My man bought them for me as a christmas present a couple of years ago - strange present I know, but he knows me so well, and for me they were a great present!! I love going to the gym now. I lived in the UK for 10 years and there was only one gym that I actually enjoyed going to. I've been to quite a few as well, but if it doesn't do it for me, then I tend to not bother that much, even though I know that I am paying money to do it and it's wasted if I don't go. My current gym is literally just down the road and it's fantastic. Has all the equipment that I need, there are plenty of classes as well if I feel the urge to do a group class and it is a women's only gym so I don't have to worry about what I look like as there are no men ogling!! My only problem with my workouts is that I am a person of routine, and as I have a great routine worked out, I do tend to follow it to the letter, although I have increased the weight and repititons. The same with my runs on the treadmill. I always allow an hour, but am trying to up the distance so that I'm running the whole hour. Once I've achieved that, I'll start upping the pace so that I beat my previous distance. I'm not very imaginative when it comes to workouts and once I've had enough I just leave. Hate spending too much time at the gym as there's so much to do. Saturday and Sunday are my favourite time at the gym as I'm not restricted by time, so I also use the massage chair (great invention!). I'm yet to use the steam room as I haven't really had a spare 20 minutes to just sit down and sweat!! Must make time for that too! Unfortunately my partner has just started a new job which means that he leaves the house at 6.15 in the morning and most evenings does not get home until about 8pm. Now the gym I go to closes at 9pm and that would not give me enough time for a workout. I'm not very good at going out when it's dark, so walking the streets at night is not an option for me either. As I mentioned in a previous post, I could get up at 5am to get a walk/jog in, but 5am is just too early and my body just refuses to get out of bed at that time. I could always do some circuit training at home, but I don't want to wake Alana up. I am one of those people who thrives on exercise when the music is at 100 decibels and the bass is pumping!! Give me hard house music anyday to exercise to. The beat is perfect for a really hard jog and is so motivating. Unfortunately at 6am I don't think the neighbours would appreciate my music!! So that's a bit more insight into the life and times of me!! May explain a few of my behaviours and eating habits!!