Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturday 30th September

Exercise: 50km Bike Ride - Home to Jells Park & return Got some exciting news.....Bazza is on his way! Gav is being upgraded! He will go on Ebay shortly to find himself a new loving home. Bazza is the Forerunner 205 that I've just bought. I just hope it arrives before the Melbourne 1/2 Marathon on Sunday. Alana was spending the afternoon and evening with my parents today so Hubby and I decided to get the bikes out and go for a ride. I wanted to show him all the local bike tracks so that he has different options when he decides to ride home from work. I wasn't acutally sure exactly how far it was to Jells Park, realising once we got there that it is about 25km! It was a great day for a ride, with the sun shining all afternoon. It was even warm enough for just some shorts and a singlet (see Stu, I'm getting there!). I did put on my long sleeve tech top for the journey home as it had cooled down heaps by then, especially when cycling along some of the trails which have lots of trees. Quads are now feeling quite sore, but I've rubbed some Tiger Balm in and have got the Skins on, just to help the legs out a little bit. I was planning on meeting up with the ESRG for a 14km run along the Warby Trail tomorrow morning, but I think I might find a flatter course, just to give the quads a break. I took Beki's advice and went over to Myer yesterday to check out the Bendon Sports Bras. Ended up buying 2 of them. They are very comfortable and certainly do hold the girls in place well. I also tried on the Berlei Legend Sport Bra but found it to be really pointy and didn't look very nice at all, which was a shame as it was $20 cheaper than the Bendon! I also popped into Kmart and picked up a pair of Torpedo Evotech compression shorts and a compression sleeveless top. They were only $30 each, and although not in the same class as Skins, they are still good enough quality, not to be sniffed at. Back to work on Monday :o(

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thursday 28th September

Exercise: 10km Run - MMCT I managed to convince Michelle to get up early and come for a run with me. She has bought a new Garmin 205 (named Gazza) so it was good to compare Gav and Gazza. Gav showed 200 metres less than Gazza, so it really does prove that the 205 has a much stronger GPS signal pick up. I want one. Hubby told me to put Gav on Ebay so that I could buy a 205. It's very tempting. Anyone interested in buying a Garmin 301? All (reasonable) offers considered. It was cold this morning. I had to scrape ice off the windscreen. I wore a long top and a sleeveless Jacket. Even had my fingerless gloves on for half the run. And I know it was cold as both Michelle and I were steaming when we finished! Was a comfortable run, with a bit of a faster pace in the middle. Just need to keep those legs ticking over. Alana's Quote: "Mum, you'll have to come in here if you want to talk to me 'cos I can't hear you!"

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wednesday 27th September

Exercise: 5km Run - Treadmill. Weights I ended up going to the gym tonight. I was going to ask my Mum to look after Alana so that I could do a 10km run outside, but she's just got back from Sydney and I found out that one of her cats is not very well. They've been in a Cattery for a couple of months as my parents have been travelling overseas. I thought that I'd give my mother a bit of space as she's not very good when things happen to her cats!! The treadmill has not got any easier! I do, however, like the fact that I can program it to a certain speed. I find it reassuring to know that the speed I'm supposed to be running in the 1/2 marathon is a speed which is quite comfortable for me....on a treadmill anyway. Not sure how comfortable it'll be running up Beach Road with the wind blowing hard! My 2nd Enell bra arrived today. This is the one I bought from the US. This time it's a white one, so I have a black and a white one now. I'm the type of person who finds a good bra and then buys 10 of them! Okay so I only have 2 Enell bras so far, but I'm sure it won't take me long to have a drawer full of them! I've done that with my every day bra. The Berlei Barely There range is the perfect bra for me. It fits really well and looks great under t-shirts. I've got 8 of them, all in different colours. They have now brought out a lacy range as well, which look gorgeous, so am trying to justify buying a couple more! I'm trying to do push ups and tricep dips every day. I want to tone the arms and this has always been the easiest way for me to do it. It's hurting alot at the moment! I used to do tons of pushups (on my knuckles!) when I was doing Karate...oh yeah, that's something else I could've added to my 100 things list. I was 1 belt away from getting my black belt! I've been enjoying my week off, even though I haven't really done much for myself. I've taken Alana to the movies (we saw Garfield 2) and have managed to do some exercise each day. I can't complain about the weather either, it's been really pleasant. I've eaten all the licorice out of my show bag. Probably wasn't the best move as I've put on a bit of weight and have had to visit the bathroom much more frequently! Well it's all gone so I don't have to worry about it anymore! Alana's Quote: "Mum can we go to the Milky Bar!"

100 Things

Okay, I've finally got round to doing my no particular order. 1. I have 4 siblings, 3 brothers and 1 sister 2. We were all born within 6 years of each other 3. I am not close to any of them. My 2 younger brothers are probably the closest to each other. They were born 10 months apart. 4. My sister and I look totally different, and have very different personalities. We are 18 months apart, me being the older. 5. I have never been close to my mother, but since moving back to Australia in 2003, have tried to change that. I still have a way to go with resolving some issues that I have harboured for a long time. 6. I have been married and divorced twice. 7. I changed my name by deed poll to reflect my partner's surname. (3rd time lucky!!). 8. I went to England for a 9 month holiday in 1993 (after I split with 2nd Hubby) and ended up staying for 10.5 years! 9. I met my current partner 5 weeks after I arrived in the UK. 10. We have a gorgeous 7 year old (going on 21) daughter. 11. My favourite colour is purple - any shade. All my friends know this so I always tend to get prezzies that have some kind of purple in them! 12. I have been told that I am an emotionally indepedent person. I do not tend to burden other people with my problems and keep my feelings to myself most of the time. 13. My nickname is JJ. All of my close friends call me J. My family call me by my first name (Janice). Some shorten it to Jan, which I absolutely hate! Why be given a name and then shorten it to something else!! I do, however, like being called J. 14. I adore Champagne, Yellowglen Bella being my favourite. 15. I got drunk on Beer one New Years Eve and have not drunk it since. I still have horror memories of the following morning....wasn't a nice sight! 16. I went to a very progressive high school. We didn't have to wear a school uniform and we were allowed to smoke outside of class. I managed to keep away from the ciggies until Year 9! 17. I gave up the ciggies after my husband (then boyfriend) gave me an ultimatium - him or the ciggies!! Stupidly I chose him! 18. I passed my licence first time. Got 84% 19. My first car was a VW Station Wagon in Powder Blue. 20. My second car was a 1975 Statesman with a 308. (loved that car!). 21. I have played Netball since I was 10 years old. The team I was in was very good and we won nearly all of our grand finals over the next 7 years! 22. I have had issues with my weight since I was 16 years old. 23. Going by all the weight to height ratio charts, I have never been overweight. 24. I was born in the UK. 25. My family moved to Australia when I was 9 years old. 26. My parents still live in the same house that I grew up in. 27. When I went to the UK I finally found out who I really was. I came back to Australia a differnt person to the one who left. 28. My partner is my rock. I knew the moment that I met him that he was "the one". He was my reason for staying in the UK for as long as I did. 29. I hate being cold, in any form. 30. I love Summer, even when it's 40 degrees. 31. I am a sun worshipper. I know the dangers and the pitfalls of laying in the sun for hours on end! I rarely use sunscreen. 32. I have had many moles cut off my body, once during a Saturday morning 'Vasectomy Clinic' (now that was a laugh, hangover and all!). 33. My nose was broken in a car accident when I was 17. I didn't know it was broken at the time so didn't get it looked at. It is now crooked. 34. I love gold jewellery, especially rings with big sparkly diamonds in them. I still have all my rings from both previous marriages, which I wear ocassionally. 35. I own more running pants than I do normal pants/jeans. 36. I love handbags....there are way too many in my cupboard. I very rarely use them. 37. I hardly wore makeup until I was about 22. 38. I dyed my hair blonde at 22. It has been this colour since. 39. The first time I had a massage was this year. 40. I am a very social person and love going out for drinks. 41. My favourite movie of all time is Dirty Dancing. 42. I don't like horror movies at all. 43. I have one tattoo, which I got done when I was 40. It took 90 minutes to do and it hurt like hell. 44. I am contemplating getting another one done soon. 45. I hate ironing. 46. My favourite flower is the fuschia, followed closely by the Freesia. I have a huge fuschia garden in my backyard and I have loads of different varieties of fuschias. 47. I like gardening but hardly ever find the time to garden. 48. I'm a revhead at heart. Love the drags, V8 supercars, monster trucks etc. 49. I went straight to work when I left school in Year 11. Wanted the money, not the education! 50. I am an early bird. Would much rather get up at 6am to go for a run than 7pm. 51. I love reality TV, especially Big Brother and Biggest Loser. 52. Currently my favourite show on TV is Thank God You're Here....absolutely hilarious. 53. Never learnt to play an instrument - oh well!! 54. Have been taught French and Japanese. Don't remember either. 55. Have lived in various places, both in Australia and the UK, including Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra, Guildford, Woking, Godalming. 56. Out of the above, Gold Coast was my favourite - sun, sun, sun! 57. I am a cat person. 58. My favourite being Siamese 59. Am not a dog person, however duirng my 2nd marriage we owned a Doberman and a Border Collie. 60. My hair is my security blanket. 61. I buy alot of expensive products for my hair. 62. I use Clinique products on my face. 63. I don't use much makeup, but wear it daily. 64. I very rarely wear flat shoes, apart from my trainers. 65. Even my thongs are 2" high 66. Oh yeah, shoes - something else that I tend to buy lots of. 67. I currently own 8 pairs of trainers. One pair about to be thrown out (just can't bear to put them in the bin), one for the garden, two for running, one for gym, one for Netball, one pair that are waiting to be used for running and another pair for Squash. 68. Since I started working I have never felt that I had to scrimp and save money. I've always felt comfortably well off. 69. I like playing my music loud. 70. I have really varying taste in music. 71. My favourite has to be any music that has a great beat and can be played loud. 72. I used to go clubbing most weekends when I lived in the UK (before child that is!!). 73. I also used to drink alot. I have now reduced the quantity that I drink and normally I only drink on the weekend now.(It's hard to get up early for a run if you've got lots of alcohol swishing around in your head!!). 74. I am an Aquarian. 75. Fortunately I do not have the traits of your average Aquarian, although I look back on my dress sense when I was younger and question where I got my style (or lack of) from!! 76. I do not believe in God. Once you're dead, you're dead! 77. I don't have a specific favourite food. I like food too much to narrow it down to one favourite. Check out my food link on the right hand side bar. Might give you a better idea of what I'm talking about. 78. I hate being late - for anything. I prefer to get there 30 minutes early rather than 5 minutes late. 79. I was a very good discus thrower at Little Athletics. Got 1st in every event in my last year there. I was asked to compete in Senior Athletics but I couldn't get to the training sessions as they were at Nunawading so never carried it on. 80. I like gambling. I keep it under control but there is always the urge to put money in the poker machines, or drop by a TAB or buy raffle tickets or scratch cards. Both my younger brothers also like to gamble. 81. I have a birth mark on my calf. My dad and one of my younger brothers also have a birth mark in the same place! 82. I am not into designer labels. I don't like spending lots of money on everyday clothes, yet when it comes to running gear I don't even think about the cost! 83. Outwardly I appear to be a very calm person. On the inside I scream alot. 84. One of the hobbies I really enjoy is creating websites. I never seem to find the time to do this anymore, yet I can sit on the computer for hours wasting time doing nothing in particular! 85. I owned a BMW 320i when I lived in the UK. It was a great car. 86. I sleep in a King Size bed....the only way to sleep! 87. I used to ride an RM80 motor bike out in the bush. 88. Used to help Hubby No. 1 put car engines together. Absolutely detest anything to do with cars now. Give them to someone else to fix is my motto! 89. I've never been in trouble with the law. Have only ever had one speeding ticket. I'm a goody too shoes. 90. I am a very reliable person. If I say I'm going to be somewhere, I'll be there. 91. I don't have many close friends. I have lots of acquaintences. 92. I left 4 of my closest friends in the UK. I miss them loads. 93. I thank my lucky stars that I met Michelle. It's a bit spooky how alike we are. Both our daughters have the same middle name! 94. I enjoy cooking in the kitchen. I don't have time to do it very often. 95. My towel cupboard has a certain place for each towel. 96. I have never seen a dead person. 97. I love snow (even though I hate the cold). 98. I love flying, especially in Jumbos. 99. My first kiss was at 12 years old. 100. I still have a koala bear that my dad brought back from Australia when I was a baby. Phew.....that certainly got the old brain working!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tuesday 26th September

Exercise: 6km Treadmill, Situps, Pushups OMG, I've just gotten off the treadmill after 6 gruelling kilometres!! Michelle has let me borrow hers, which is so good of her. I thought it would be a doddle just hopping on and running 10km without really thinking too much of it!! Well was I totally wrong there! Can't believe how hard it is to keep going on it. I may have to come back and do another 4 or 5km later this afternoon. And the only reason I'm running on the treadmill is because I'm off work at the moment with Alana as it's school holidays and unless I get up stupidly early, I just wouldn't get the time to do any exercise, unless it's later in the evening, and I think I've already mentioned quite a few times that I just don't do exercise in the evening, unless of course it's a beautiful balmy evening, with the sun still shining, and we all know that's not going to happen for at least another 2 or 3 months!! I also need to add a bit more about our aborted run on Sunday. Not only was it hailing, followed by torrential rain, it was also blowing 40knot winds. And to set the scene, we were running along a trail which has loads and loads of gum trees on either side. I think you can probably understand that with the wind roaring through those gum trees they were all creaking loudly, and it was only a matter of time before one of them split and fell over the trail...and it was really really scary too!! So we made an executive decision to run back to the cars as fast as we could! Just wanted to clear that one up!! (Vicky we wouldn't normally give up on a run.....really truly!.....oh excpet for this one!) Alana's Quote: "I love this sweet salt!" (she was talking about the sugar on her jam donut!)

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday 24th September

Exercise: Approx 17km. - MMCT Met Michelle this morning at MMCT for her last long run before the Melbourne Marathon. We were looking to do 21km which is twice up and down the MMCT plus a little bit more. I'd brought my jacket as there were showers predicted, but looking at the clouds I dedided not to wear it as it was a little overcast but didn't look like rain. We did the first 10km in 55 minutes!! This is such a good time for us as we normally run this in just under 60 minutes. Maybe because we both had our walkmans going we just naturally upped the pace in time with the music!! Who knows! Anyway we stopped at the cars and had a drink and a bit of a stretch. Still wasn't looking like rain so I didn't bother with the jacket. This was a mistake! About 4km up the trail and it starts hailing! Great! We jumped under a tree until the hail stopped and then saw that the rain had arrived! Even better!! So we turned around and ran back to the cars as fast as we could. For some reason I seem to run quicker when it's raining! We were both soaked by the time we got back to the car. Our average pace was about 5.14! Can't believe this, but that's what Gav said once I'd downloaded and adjusted it in SportTracks. We did the run in 1hr 30 mins! I'm really happy with the time as I'd got it into my mind that I was just a 6min plodder!! I'm a little bit disappointed that we couldn't do the full 21km as I just wanted to make sure that I was comfortable running the distance. As Michelle is now tapering I'm not going to get to run with her until Melb Marathon Day as her longest run is only supposed to be 6km, so I'll have to head out on my own. Michelle has kindly offered to lend me her treadmill, which I've accepted. Forgot to add that I wore my new Enell bra today. Felt great. It was really supportive with hardly any bounce at all. It breathed well, which is what I had the concerns about. I've also ordered another one, this time direct from the US, so it's about $20 cheaper! Beki has also bought a Bendon Sports Bra so I'm going to go and check them out this week at Myer. Alana's Quote: "Dad I'm gonna get drunk soon!"

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Saturday 23rd September

Exercise: 7hrs walking around Royal Melbourne Show We got to the show at 9am so that we could get a decent parking spot and enjoy some of it before the crowds arrived!! Met Marty, Michelle and their brood at the entrance and proceeded to work our way from one end of the show to the other! We'd asked Alana to pick out her showbags before we went so that all we had to do was wander through the showbag pavillion on the way out. Just meant that we didn't have to carry showbags around all day (more on the showbag pavillion later!!). We wandered through one pavillion and got out before Marty & Michelle, so Alana and I saw the Nova 100 tent and went to check it out. Alana got a guy working there to make her up one of those things that have numbers inside them (can't remember what they are called). Anyway I was chatting to the guy who was making it up, just small talk about the show. Went back over to the pavillion to find everyone had just walked out. Michelle's girls raced over to the Nova 100 tent and came screaming back to tell us that Deano from Big Brother was over at the tent.....yep, it was the same guy who I'd chatted to. I had no idea it was him!! And I'm embarassed to say that I was an avid Big Brother watcher! Here's a photo of the girls with Deano We went over to the arena to sit down and have lunch and watch the Monster Trucks. That was great fun. I want one of these trucks!! Then it was time for the rides. I'm still a big kid when it comes to rides and I would have gone on all of them if we'd had the time and money!! Instead Michelle, me, Caitilin and Alana went on the Big Wheel. Now it was very windy today and being up very high in the air is even windier. I had to hang on to the bars until it got going!! Great view though. Next it was the Space Roller. I dragged Brianna and Rebecca (Michelle's other 2 girls) on this ride. It is one of those rides where you just hope that the harness doesn't come undone!! I even had to close my eyes a couple of times!! Here's a video of it too! We checked out the Dog Pavillion where they were doing some judging. There was one puppy who just wasn't going to move for his owner. The owner had to physically pick the dog up and move it, and these wern't small dogs either!! He got a standing ovation from the crowd, and the puppy got 2nd place!! Then it was on to the Showbag Pavillion. Now we ended up walking in through a side door but we were supposed to go in through the front door. They were queuing up to get in!! The amount of people in this pavillion was ridiculous. It was just so over crowded. Anyone who has claustrophobia would not stand a chance!! And we couldn't find one of the showbags that Alana wanted, and the one that I wanted was sold out and they wern't expecting more bags until 5pm! I'm going to write to the people at the show and complain. Why they can't find a better system to control the crowd is beyond me. How about making it one way for a start! And how about a map to show where all the showbags are within the pavillion rather than walking around aimlessly trying to find the one you want!! So we made our way back to the car, via the Woodchop Pavillion. It was very crowded so we couldn't sit down anywhere. By this stage I just wanted to get out of there! We were very lucky with the weather as they had predicted showers and we didn't get any rain. We did, however, manage to pick up a bit of sunburn (or wind burn) on the face! On the way home saw a number plate where they'd used another way of spelling a word, probalby because the original spelling had already been taken - CHIEKI Alana's Quote: "The red car didn't get damaged at all!" (see picture of Monster Truck above!!).

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thursday 21st September

Exercise: 12.5km Run - MMCT Once again I heard rain as I got out of bed this morning. I was not happy. I really wanted to run this morning. So I just ignored it and carried on getting dressed. I did, however, grab my waterproof jacket! Of course it had stopped by the time I met Michelle. We met at 5.45 this morning as we wanted to do a couple of extra k's. Michelle had mentioned something about Schtumpy suggesting a tempo run, which means nothing to me as, to my knowledge, I've never actually done one of these!! We made the decision to just run!! However, at about the 7km mark there is an 800 metre stretch, so we decided to do this bit fast (well faster than our normal shuffle anyway!!). Felt good too! All up a really good run, which I totally enjoyed. Saw another great number plate - CHOPS!! Would love to know the meaning behind some of the ones that I see! Why did I think that Daylight Saving started at the beginning of October? And why did I think that it would be lighter in the mornings once the clocks went forward? Sometimes being blonde really doesn't do me any favours!! I'm on holiday next week....yippee!! But hubby has to work so I still have to get up early to do all my!!! I'm just looking forward to having a break. Haven't had a holiday since March. Didn't realise it had been that long!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday 18th September

Exercise: 10km Run - MMCT I go to bed last night hearing the weather forecast as fine and 24 degrees today. I wake up at 5.30 this morning to hear rain....WTF!!! I wish these weather people would get it right. Luckily it was just a minor shower, so no excuses!! Met Michelle at our normal meeting place and did a comfortable pace. My legs are definitely feeling sore, which I can only put down to the lack of exercise over the last couple of weeks. Am hoping to get a massage in some time this week, and will also try and get one the day before the Melbourne 1/2 Marathon. I went home for lunch today and my new Enell Bra was waiting for me. It certainly doesn't look like a normal bra and the fabric is very heavy, but silky soft!! Will try it on when I get home. If it fits well then I'm going to order a second one, but this time from the US where it is $30 cheaper. Had a bit of a shock yesterday. As I was running past a shop front window I noticed that my boobs were really bouncing around noticeably. Funny how my perception when I look down at them is totally different to the image I saw in the window. Hope the new bra does the trick!! Alana's Quote: Hubby: "Alana can you please butter me a piece of toast?" Alana: "Do it yourself!!"

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday 17th September

Exercise: 7.5km Run - Parents house to Home The Spring into Shape series 8km run was on this morning but I made the decision not to run this race as I felt there just wouldn't be enough time to get to the airport to pick up my parents. So what I did instead was take my running stuff with me and run from my parents house to home. Works out to be about 7.5km. I have to tell you though it was a real struggle. My legs felt so heavy and my breathing was very laboured. I'm sure this has to do with the fact that I'm still not over this stinking cold. It's lingering and I can't get rid of the damn thing!! I wore my new running skirt today. Here's a picture of me once I'd gotten home. The skirt is probably a bit longer than I'd like and a little bit wider on the bottom, which makes me look wide also!! There are a couple of pockets on each side, so I put my $20 and my ID in one. I had to carry my phone though as it was a bit too heavy and jumped around a bit in the other pocket. It's very comfortable. I would have liked just a little bit more "width" in the underpants, as they just rode up a tiny bit. This is probably due more to the width of my backside than the actual design of the underpants!! Unfortunately I'd forgotten to take my bodyglide with me, so at about the 4km mark of the run I did start to chafe on the inside of my legs. Once again, probably due to the size of my inner legs rather than the design of the skirt!! At no time did I feel like the skirt was going to blow up from the wind to reveal my backside to all and sundry. I felt cool and comfy the whole time. The only small criticism that I have is that the velcro on one of the pockets came away from the edge due to the glue that they used. Probably need to stitch the velcro rather than glue it. And maybe the velcro needs to be a bit bigger. Other than that I'm very happy with the skirt. This was an XL (god I can't believe I'm wearing XL!!). I also have a Large. They sent me a Large and an XL as they said that their sizes had changed slightly and the XL was really a large (confused yet??). The Large is slightly smaller, in both length and underpant width, so they ride up that little bit more. Might need to do some serious work on the bum to get them to fit more comfortably!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thursday 14th September

Exercise: 10km Run - Local streets Yay, I finally did some exercise. Can't believe it's been 9 days since I've done any exercise (except walking around DFO!). It was great to get out there and get the legs moving again. Still not 100% well but I don't care. Nothing that a few good nose blows throughout the run can't fix!! Normally we would run hills on a Thursday morning but Michelle asked if we could do a flatter course, so I kindly accommodated her. We ended up doing two 5km loops of the local streets. There were still a few undulations, but nothing like the first hill that we would normally run up. Am happy to report that since Monday morning I've dropped about 1.4kg. Alot of the original weight gain was because it was that TOM, but I think that some of the loss can also be attributed to my change in eating. Just need to keep it going. Michelle,her Hubby, me and my Hubby are off out on Saturday night to see "Mums the Word". I was living in the UK when the original one came out so have no idea what to expect. All I've been told is that it's hilarious. Looking forward to having a few laughs. Does anyone else look at personalised number plates on other people's cars whilst driving? Well I do! Have seen some really good ones. My favourite one so far has been "DROOPY". Love it! Might add a few on here as I see them. Alana's Quote: "That's very unusual Mum!"

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wednesday 13th September

Well this has to have been one of the crappiest weeks that I've had both exercise and healthwise in a long time. I haven't run since last Tuesday, mainly due to the weather, lack of motivation and being full of pigging cold AGAIN!! I'm so over this wet weather already. And I can't wait for it to be 15 degrees when I get up at 5.30am and go running in daylight!! Only 45 days to go until daylight savings, and I'm counting every single one of them too!! Something that did brighten my week was going shopping at DFO. What a fantastic place. Would have been a bit less stressful if it had been done child free, but I still managed to buy up big! Got a new pair of 3/4 compression tights for $50, and a lovely fleece Adidas top for $15. I've also bought myself an Enell Sports Bra. Wasn't cheap, that's for sure, but it looks like it's going to hold my DD's in place nicely! Will review it once it's arrived and I've given it a workout! My parents arrive home on Sunday after 2 months of jetsetting around the world. They've asked if I can pick them up from the airport. Now here's my dilemma. Their flight gets in at 10.20am. They're flying in to the International terminal so it's probably going to take them at least 40 minutes to get off the plane, through customs, pick up their bags, get through quarantine, and get out of the airport. There is a Spring into Shape run on Sunday morning. The 8km race starts at 9.30am, which means that I would probably be running through the finish line at about 10.15am. Would I have enough time to get back to the car, get to the airport and pick them up without them having to wait for me? And would it be very anti-social of me to show up all sweaty, wearing my running gear? Decisions, decisions!! It's looking like I may be getting a new Garmin 205 for Christmas. Hubby has just taken up cycling again and he used Gav for his ride. He is very impressed with it!! I've already offered Gav to him in exchange for a new 205! My eating has improved. Since Monday I have tried to eat mainly low GI foods. This seems to be working at the moment. The food is filling, I definitely don't have the same sweet cravings that I've had lately, and I'm not looking to eat everything in sight. The downside is that eating low GI means that I have to take the time to cook food and to prepare food in advance. I will persist. I will not give up!! Looking forward to my run with Michelle tomorrow morning. Alana's Quote: "Mum you're such a silly girl sometimes!"

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Saturday 9th September

Sorry M, I've only just got around to posting this. So here are 10 words starting with the letter R which relate to my life! Running - This is my exercise of choice. I have a love/hate relationship with running. I absolutely love how I feel after a run, especially if I've run well. I hate that I have to get up early for most of my runs due to work. Racing - Another aspect of running is that I get to compete in lots of races. Races are a very social event for me. It's great to catch up with all my Ausrun forum friends for a laugh and a chat, and it's lovely to meet lots of new people as well. I think I enjoy this part much more than the actual competing in the race!! Run to the G - This race was where I met my best friend Michelle last year. I was meeting up with 3 or 4 people from the Ausrun forum for the first time, including Michelle. We hit it off right away and have been inseparable ever since. Relationship - I am so lucky to have a fantastic partner in my life. He is always there to support me, picks me up when I'm feeling down, he makes me laugh, and really looks after me. He is also a great father to our daughter and I am so proud to be seen with him (he's pretty hot looking too!!). Roller Coaster - My life has been like one of these rides. All up and down, hanging on for dear life, not knowing when it'll end so that I can stop screaming. I'm happy to report that I've gotten off that ride now and am happily enjoying the more scenic merry go round!! Retail Therapy - This has always been my stress outlet. I love shopping. It makes me feel good. Doesn't matter what I'm shopping for, as long as I'm buying something, even something as mundane as grass seed, there's a smile on my face. Retirement - One of my goals in life is to quit work and become a full time housewife...sad isn't it!! I have worked full time since I was 16, only having 6 weeks off after my daughter was born before going back to work full time. I have now realised that I don't want to work any more. Unfortunately retirement is not going to happen any time soon unless Mr Tattslotto smiles favourably upon us! Renovation - Since moving into our home 2 years ago, we are slowly renovating each room. It is a very slow process, made even slower by the fact that I am very lazy when it comes to doing anything around the house. We have been talking about putting a new kitchen in for over 12 months now. It is almost about to happen...almost!! Religion - I have none. I don't believe in God. Both of my previous marriages were done by Celebrants, in lovely settings in the mountains. I am, however, happy to send my daughter to a Catholic school, mainly due to the fact that it has a very good reputation. She is not catholic. Does that make me a hypocrite? Rock n Roll - I love music. I have a very wide range of music that I enjoy listening to. My favourite music has to be something that I can both run to and sing along to at the same time, so something with a great beat and a catchy tune. Hard house is another favourite type of music, which has to be listened to very loud, but on the other end of the scale I also love all the old late 50's and early 60's music. Bay City Rollers also feature on my playlist!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tuesday 5th September

Exercise: 12.5km Run - MMCT Last night Michelle and I decided to meet up a bit earlier this morning so that we could do a couple of extra km's. OMG, when that alarm went off I was sure it was still the middle of the night!! But amazingly it got light really quickly this morning so we wern't actually running in the dark for very long. Alot is going on at work at the moment and it is quite a stressful time. Of course for me that means bad eating and today was no exception!! I'm going to sit down over the next couple of days and actually write up an eating plan that I WILL stick to, one that's not too hard, but is full of good food, and especially food that I like eating!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Monday 4th September

Exercise: Netball Game Why is it so hard to get out of bed on a Monday morning? Just didn't happen AGAIN!! And I'm still in shock over the death of Steve Irwin. A real tragedy, especially for his young family. Very sad! Netball was great. We now have quite a strong team and we all play really well together. We beat the other team 34 - 16. I'm tired, I'm going to bed.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Saturday 2nd September

Exercise: 16km Run - Local Streets I was hoping to do 20km this morning but I stopped off where Alana was doing her Gymnastics so that I could use the loos and grab a drink and also stopped off at the Netball courts as three of my Nieces and Nephews were in Grand Finals and I wanted to cheer them on. Unfortunately this took up a bit of time and as we had to go out this afternoon I had to cut the run short. My legs were also still feeling the effects of doing two body attack classes, and also running on the pavement. I'd like to try and get another 10km run in tomorrow morning, but that will depend on what time I go to bed, what time I wake up etc. And Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads for tomorrow! Alana's Quote: "I'm having a pretty bad day!"

Friday, September 01, 2006

Friday 1st September

Exercise: Weights I'd arranged to meet my girlfriend at the gym this morning to do a Body Pump class, but once I got there I really didn't want to be doing all those squats and lunges. So I did some upper body weights instead. My legs heaved a huge sigh of relief!! They feel very weary today. I want to do my long run tomorrow morning so that I can keep Sunday free as it's Father's Day and I want to enjoy the day with Hubby and Alana. Normally if I was to do a long run on Sunday it would take up most of the morning, which I don't think is very fair! I want to say a huge congratulations to my running buddy Michelle who has gone a whole month WITHOUT Chocolate!! I am so amazed at how strong a person she is. She makes me feel like I'm just the most lacking person in willpower and motivation. She has also had a HUGE month of running. She did 384km this month, compared to my piddly 92.5km!! Alana's Quote: "Mummy, why are we going this way?" (She's now questioning my navigational skills!!)