Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday 24th September

Exercise: Approx 17km. - MMCT Met Michelle this morning at MMCT for her last long run before the Melbourne Marathon. We were looking to do 21km which is twice up and down the MMCT plus a little bit more. I'd brought my jacket as there were showers predicted, but looking at the clouds I dedided not to wear it as it was a little overcast but didn't look like rain. We did the first 10km in 55 minutes!! This is such a good time for us as we normally run this in just under 60 minutes. Maybe because we both had our walkmans going we just naturally upped the pace in time with the music!! Who knows! Anyway we stopped at the cars and had a drink and a bit of a stretch. Still wasn't looking like rain so I didn't bother with the jacket. This was a mistake! About 4km up the trail and it starts hailing! Great! We jumped under a tree until the hail stopped and then saw that the rain had arrived! Even better!! So we turned around and ran back to the cars as fast as we could. For some reason I seem to run quicker when it's raining! We were both soaked by the time we got back to the car. Our average pace was about 5.14! Can't believe this, but that's what Gav said once I'd downloaded and adjusted it in SportTracks. We did the run in 1hr 30 mins! I'm really happy with the time as I'd got it into my mind that I was just a 6min plodder!! I'm a little bit disappointed that we couldn't do the full 21km as I just wanted to make sure that I was comfortable running the distance. As Michelle is now tapering I'm not going to get to run with her until Melb Marathon Day as her longest run is only supposed to be 6km, so I'll have to head out on my own. Michelle has kindly offered to lend me her treadmill, which I've accepted. Forgot to add that I wore my new Enell bra today. Felt great. It was really supportive with hardly any bounce at all. It breathed well, which is what I had the concerns about. I've also ordered another one, this time direct from the US, so it's about $20 cheaper! Beki has also bought a Bendon Sports Bra so I'm going to go and check them out this week at Myer. Alana's Quote: "Dad I'm gonna get drunk soon!"