Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thursday 21st September

Exercise: 12.5km Run - MMCT Once again I heard rain as I got out of bed this morning. I was not happy. I really wanted to run this morning. So I just ignored it and carried on getting dressed. I did, however, grab my waterproof jacket! Of course it had stopped by the time I met Michelle. We met at 5.45 this morning as we wanted to do a couple of extra k's. Michelle had mentioned something about Schtumpy suggesting a tempo run, which means nothing to me as, to my knowledge, I've never actually done one of these!! We made the decision to just run!! However, at about the 7km mark there is an 800 metre stretch, so we decided to do this bit fast (well faster than our normal shuffle anyway!!). Felt good too! All up a really good run, which I totally enjoyed. Saw another great number plate - CHOPS!! Would love to know the meaning behind some of the ones that I see! Why did I think that Daylight Saving started at the beginning of October? And why did I think that it would be lighter in the mornings once the clocks went forward? Sometimes being blonde really doesn't do me any favours!! I'm on holiday next week....yippee!! But hubby has to work so I still have to get up early to do all my!!! I'm just looking forward to having a break. Haven't had a holiday since March. Didn't realise it had been that long!