Friday, October 22, 2004

I love food...but only some food!!

I am the first to confess that I absolutely adore food. But I am also very fussy about food. There are alot of foods that I don't like, so I can often find it very difficult to order food if we're out at a restaurant. I've never liked fish or anything that swims in the sea. Even as a child I remember holidaying up at Bonnie Doon and one of our friends used to catch fish, then cook it in beer batter. Everyone used to rave about this beer batter, but I used to take the batter off the fish and just eat the batter. The only fish that I can stomach is Tuna out of a can, and then it can only be Tuna in Springwater, and I can only eat it cold. Can't eat any type of Tuna Mornay stuff. The smell of it makes me feel quite ill. Then there's my dislike of Mushrooms. Can't stomach the slimy texture of them when they're cooked, and my brain tells me that we shouldn't really be eating anything that's a fungus!! So if I ever get mushrooms on my plate then I have to pick them all out before I start eating. I'm okay with basic cheeses, but really don't enjoy eating any of the more exotic ones. Can live without Brie, Camembert, Blue Vein (horrible smelly stuff that!). I do like tasty cheese and I'm fine with parmesan too. Garlic...what can I say...eewww!! The smell puts me off even before it's got anywhere near my mouth. I love pasta and italian food, but I always have to ask if the dish I'm ordering has garlic in it. If it has, I normally have to change my order. I can't stand the smell of it on other people, like when it's coming out of their pores, so I'm certainly not going to eat it if it makes ME smell like that too!! I don't like pork crackling. In fact I don't like anything that's got fat or skin on it. Can't eat bacon with fat. Have to cut it all off. Same with any kind of meat. If there's a bit of fat on it, no matter how small, I have to cut it all off before I can eat it. And my meat has to be well done. I know that alot of Chefs can't understand us people that don't like meat that's got blood still coming out of it, but for me, it's got to be like it's been nailed to a tree in a bushfire. I'm also not into any kind of pickles, gherkins, onions, olives...all that kind of stuff. Give me good old salt and vinegar chips, BBQ shapes or Kettle Chips any day. Also can't eat pate or anything like that. Just doesn't do it for me. On the veggies side, I'm pretty good there. Don't like Celery or radishes, but can handle pretty much anything else. With the fruit, I pretty much like most things. Not into Avocados though. There's more but I think that's probably enough for you to get my gist!! I'm a fussy cow!