Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday 17th September

Exercise: 7.5km Run - Parents house to Home The Spring into Shape series 8km run was on this morning but I made the decision not to run this race as I felt there just wouldn't be enough time to get to the airport to pick up my parents. So what I did instead was take my running stuff with me and run from my parents house to home. Works out to be about 7.5km. I have to tell you though it was a real struggle. My legs felt so heavy and my breathing was very laboured. I'm sure this has to do with the fact that I'm still not over this stinking cold. It's lingering and I can't get rid of the damn thing!! I wore my new running skirt today. Here's a picture of me once I'd gotten home. The skirt is probably a bit longer than I'd like and a little bit wider on the bottom, which makes me look wide also!! There are a couple of pockets on each side, so I put my $20 and my ID in one. I had to carry my phone though as it was a bit too heavy and jumped around a bit in the other pocket. It's very comfortable. I would have liked just a little bit more "width" in the underpants, as they just rode up a tiny bit. This is probably due more to the width of my backside than the actual design of the underpants!! Unfortunately I'd forgotten to take my bodyglide with me, so at about the 4km mark of the run I did start to chafe on the inside of my legs. Once again, probably due to the size of my inner legs rather than the design of the skirt!! At no time did I feel like the skirt was going to blow up from the wind to reveal my backside to all and sundry. I felt cool and comfy the whole time. The only small criticism that I have is that the velcro on one of the pockets came away from the edge due to the glue that they used. Probably need to stitch the velcro rather than glue it. And maybe the velcro needs to be a bit bigger. Other than that I'm very happy with the skirt. This was an XL (god I can't believe I'm wearing XL!!). I also have a Large. They sent me a Large and an XL as they said that their sizes had changed slightly and the XL was really a large (confused yet??). The Large is slightly smaller, in both length and underpant width, so they ride up that little bit more. Might need to do some serious work on the bum to get them to fit more comfortably!!