Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thursday 31st August

Exercise: 10.5km Run - Hills Another cool morning - much cooler than Tuesday morning anyway! Any yes Stu, I wore my long sleeve Nike top and my sleeveless Jacket. Even had my fingerless gloves on for half of the run. Got to remember that I live out in the black yonder so it's always colder than inner suburbia!! The legs wern't very happy about running up the hills this morning, especially after their big jump around last night. Going down the hills was nearly as bad due to the ab work I did last night. The old stomach certainly copped a pounding! I'm finding it hard to drink enough water at the moment. I didn't feel at all dehydrated after the run and I have had no real urge to drink any during the day. This is not good as it means that I'm not flushing out all the crap that I tend to eat during the day, so I'm not very errr "regular" at the moment. (TMI?) I'm also not eating enough fruit and veggies so am feeling quite sluggish and bloated too. Must improve the eating! Normally once the warm weather starts I find that my food choices change and I much prefer to eat salads rather than stodgy hot food. Roll on warm weather!! Alana's Quote: "I think I just saw a cloud run by!"