Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wednesday 30th August

Exercise: Body Attack Class Aaah, Body Attack....I'm becoming quite addicted to this class. The gym had put on an extra class this week as they couldn't get anyone to do the Step class that's usually on a Wednesday night. Excellent!! I felt absolutely fantastic during the class. Can't believe how much my cardio fitness has improved. The only down side of this class is that because of all the jumping about my bladder complained bitterly, so I had to nip out to the loos!! I know my abs are going to be sore tomorrow as we did these very painful crunches. Such hard work, but I know it'll pay off! I went home at lunch time today and sat out on the back verandah enjoying my lunch in the sunshine. I was tempted to chuck my shorts on and get the legs out but thought better of it as it would have meant having to get changed back into my work clothes, which I know would have been really depressing! Only 1 more month to go until Daylight Savings starts...YAY! Alana's Quote: "Okay, okay, we'll just do it your way then!"