Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thursday 24th August

Exercise: Body Attack Class This morning I asked my hubby if he could be home by 6pm so that I could do a Body Attack class at the gym. Of course come 6pm when I walked in the door, and I had no intention of going. Hubby dutifully reminded me that he'd got home early only because I'd asked him to, and I felt so guilty that I quickly got changed and drove down to the gym. Of course once I got there I was so glad that I'd gone. I absolutely love this class. It is just a constant heart rate raiser! I was told that they are going to bring out a new version next week so I'm looking forward to going again. This time I'm just going to walk in the door, get changed and go, without having to feel guilty about it! I've not had any alcohol since Saturday. I really noticed tonight when I looked in the mirrors at the gym that the top half of my body has got "thicker". I'm sure this is alcohol related, so I'll just limit my intake to weekends now. Speaking of which, I'm having a few drinks with the ESRG tomorrow night as Beki is leaving for Sydney and we thought we'd give her a send off! Alana's Quote: "Wow, did you see how much came out of my mouth!" (she was sick this week!)