Friday, August 11, 2006

Friday 11th July

Exercise: Body Pump Class I think I'm going to hurt tomorrow. Today's pump class was one of the older versions and there was lots of squats, lunges and bicep/tricep curls. Still a great class though! The body pump instructor was telling everyone that it was her daughter's debutante ball tonight and she'd been having a really hard time finding a dress to wear. Couldn't understand why as she has a great figure. It seems that she's a bit self conscious about her arms as they are very toned and muscly (probably due to the amount of body pump classes she teaches) and she wants to cover them up. Now if I had those arms (think Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2) I'd be parading them about like nobody's business. I'm off out tonight to see Babba. I'm a closet Abba fan and can probably sing along to most of their songs. My favourite is probably Honey Honey or Ring Ring!! I won't be dressing up though! And I want to say good luck to my bestest buddy Michelle. She's running the City to Surf in Sydney this weekend. I would have loved to have gone with her, and looking back now I'm not sure why I didn't go. Would have been a great girly weekend away. Free travel, free accommodation and a great environment....what was I thinking when I said NO!! Alana's Quote:"Mum, it's paining me" (she had a headache!)