Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sunday 30th July

Exercise: 20km Run - Dandy Creek Trail Michelle didn't want to run early this morning so it was nice to get up a bit later. I still had to get up farily early so that I had enough time for my breakfast to settle. The weather was really kind to us. It was a bit windy, but the sun stayed out pretty much most of the time we were out running. And there were so many people on the trail too. We ran towards The Basin, rather than over to Jells Park for a change. The scenery is absolutely beautiful. Running towards the hills, with the Dandenongs in full view is just amazing. Check it out below: (sorry, another crappy picture!) This is where we ran: I didn't run too well though. I have a sore lower back, which I've had for over a week now, my right calf if very tight and has been since last Sunday, and my ITB in my right knee is also playing up. I didn't wear my skins today as it was fairly warm, but I noticed pretty much straight away that my knee didn't feel supported at all. And of course I'm hobbling around like an old woman now!! Must call Corrie and arrange a massage. Hopefully she'll be able to fix me up. I want to thank you all for your supportive comments. I don't feel so bad knowing that I'm not the only one who just can't say NO to chocolate. I'm happy to report that none has passed my lips today....hooray!! And what was it Stu said - oh yeah "Chocolate is yuk, chocolate is yuk!!" I don't think I'm going to be able to beat this cold/flu thing. My throat is becoming progressively sorer and my nose is now starting to run quite a lot. I did everything in my power to keep the bugs at bay even resorting, as Rae also did, to following Hubby around with the Glen 20 and spraying everything that he touched and everywhere that he sat or laid. I probably needed to start doing this when Alana was sick rather than waiting until Hubby got the bug. Oh well, I'll just see how it all pans out. Alana's Quote: "Dad how come you always whinge about it and I never do?" (talking about playing her PSP!!)