Thursday, July 27, 2006

Thursday 27th July

Exercise: 10.2km Run - Croydon Hills Had to change our run to an early morning one as Michelle had a lunch time appointment today. We decided to run some hills, even though both of us were whining and moaning about it before we even started running!! Michelle met me at my place and we set out in the gloom and fog!! Our first hill was probably the steepest. Great start there. Both of us were totally out of breath and gasping for air, calves screaming, within about 10 minutes of the run. The rest of the run was a doddle in comparison, with alot of rolling hills. We waved as we ran past Beki's place! And of course we had to run back up the last hill that we'd barrelled down at the start of the run, so a good hill to end the run also. Funny, but I really enjoyed it. Was great to run somewhere different, even if it was all pavement. There were quite a few people about running or walking their dogs and loads of cars on the roads, so it felt quite safe too. Will definitely do that run again. Here's a map of whre we ran: You can see a few inconsistencies where the GPS was out. Alana's Quote: "Geez Dad are you trying to annoy me?"