Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunday 23rd July

Exercise: Sri Chinmoy Princes Park 1/2 Marathon When I went to bed last night I had to put some Tiger Balm on my calves as they were still very sore from doing both the Body Attack class on Thursday night and the Body Pump class on Friday morning. I really wanted to wake up and not have sore calves. Woke up this morning with sore calves (sigh!). Knowing that Michelle and I were only going to be running at 6.15 pace gave me some encouragement that I would probably get through it without too much pain. Met up with all the usual suspects once we got to Princes Park. It had rained a little bit on the way there and I was praying that it would stop once we got there....which it did!! Michelle was actually doing the 30km event today, and as I was only running the 1/2 marathon, she had to do a 1.1km dog leg with me at the start of the race so that we could continue to run together, so she actually ran 31.1km!! Started off well, trying to keep to our pace. The only downside of today's run was the other dog leg which was a nice incline down the hill, followed by a short, but very sharp rise up a hill, followed by a nice downhill bit again, then the turnaround, which meant that we had to run back up the hill that we'd just come down, back down a short, but sharp, hill and then back up onto the main track again....after the first time all I could think about was that I was going to have to do that another 3 times!!! And to make it even worse, every time we ran past the start/finish line we could smell the pancakes they were cooking for everyone who had finished....aagghhh!! My calves started to give out on the last lap, and I did have to have a little walk on one of the uphill bits on the dog leg. I passed Gav over to Michelle just before I finshed so that she could keep herself on track and could see what her pace was. Oops - Michelle now wants a Garmin!! Finished in 2.08, which was just fine with me, especially as we wern't racing, and also taking into account the 2 minute toilet break during the run!! I was very disappointed to see that they were nearly out of pancake mixture, so I was rationed to only 1 pancake!! And after all the effort I'd taken to bring my lemon and sugar too!! Waited for everyone to finish the 30km's. Michelle did really well, and ran the last 10km in about 54 minutes!! A huge congratulations to Emma, who had a fantastic run today in the 5km event - Way to go Em!! Here are some photos from today. Click the thumbnails to enlarge!!

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