Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday 14th July

Exercise: Body Pump Class I knew it was cold this morning when I heard the heating turn on at 5.30am. This means that it went down past the minimum temp for the house at night, which I think is 12 degrees. Whenever the heating comes on before it's supposed to, I know it's cold!! But saying that, I had a fantastic night's sleep. I seem to sleep much better when it's cold. I'm starting to get really warm during the night and most nights I wake up in a sweat, so maybe I'm on the edge of that thing older women go through!! The pump class was great this morning. I put some heavier weights on today and I really felt like I worked my muscles. Might be in a bit of pain tomorrow! Did anyone see the show "Honey we're killing the kids"? Hmmmm. Must get more fruit and veggies into Alana!! Alana's Quote: "Don't lie to me Daddy!"