Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wednesday 28th June

Exercise: 8km Run - Treadmill, Situps I was determined to get to the gym tonight and I'd also told people that I was going too, so it was a bit hard to back out of it without feeling really pathetic and lazy!! As soon as I got in the front door I changed into my gym gear, then had to wait for hubby to get home. Had to keep giving myself little pep talks so that I didn't change my mind aboug going. As soon as hubby walked in the door I raced out - okay not exactly as soon as he walked in the door. I didn't want to get to the gym too early as it's normally pretty busy before 7.30pm, so I managed to catch a bit of Big Brother before I left. It was nice and quiet at the gym thank goodness and I jumped on a treadmill straight away. Unfortunately it took about 25 minutes before I felt that I was actually in a comfortable running rythmn. I found it really hard to breathe properly and I was literally gasping for air. It was almost like I had bad indigestion and needed to do a really big burp!! Anyway the airways finally cleared and the last 3km felt good! I always find that I sweat so much at the gym. They have the heating up way too high and it's because of that more than actually running that makes me drip so badly!! People always look at me funny when I get off the treadmill as it looks like I've just run a marathon! I've got a day off from work tomorrow....yippee!! Will head out for a run at a decent hour of the day. Biggest decision is going to be where to run - so many choices!! Alana's Quote: "Daddy let me show you how to do that!"