Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Wednesday 21st June

I'm on a bit of a downer today. Have sat and thought about what other exercise I should be doing when I'm not running and I just can't get motivated to get off my arse and do any of it. Take tonight for instance. Hubby will be at home so there is no excuse for me not to go to the gym for an hour or so, but because Big Brother is on and there's more intruders going in tonight, I would rather sit on my fat bum and watch that, than do something much better for me like going to the gym, or going for an hour long walk! I should be making the most of these times, but instead I choose the lazy option. Yes I could always grab the weights and do something in front of the TV, but even that seems like too much hard work right now. My food intake is also taking a big downhill turn. Bad food, and more bad food just seems to make it's way inside my mouth without me giving it too much thought or worry! My brain just says "yeah don't worry about it, you'll run it off tomorrow", which is not how I want to be thinking at all. I have lots of good food surrounding me at work. I take fruit to work, I have cup-a soups in my drawer as well as water biscuits to go with my cream cheese, but instead I choose to eat Charity Chocolate, which costs me money too!! I'm also finding it hard to get out of bed in the mornings. The only times I don't struggle is when I'm meeting Michelle (or anyone else that I'm running with) for a 6am run. I'm tending to go to bed a bit later, which then gives me the excuse that I'm too tired to get up early to go to the gym. My gym membership runs out at the end of July and I have to make a decision whether to renew it or not. As it stands currently, I would be wasting my money!! I so want to lose these last 5kg, and I so need to tone up my flabby bits, but I'm just way too slack to put in the hard work to get there......sigh! Alana's Quote: "You look pregnant Mummy!" (just what I wanted to hear...NOT!)