Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sunday 11th June

Exercise: 19km Run - Croydon/Bayswater/Heathmont/Ringwood/Croydon Remind me again why I wanted to get up at 6am to go out into the freezing cold morning?? I made sure that I had plenty of warm clothing on this morning.....5 layers to be precise, not including my skins and another pair of long running pants. My gloves and hat were also firmly ensconced on my hands and head!! All the early birds were at the Croydon Aths track already and it wasn't even 7am yet!! Eat Em, Tigerboy, Petaljuice, Clarkey, Stormbikes and Michelle were ready and raring to go!.....well they were standing around shivering anyway! It was great to run a different path for a change. I'd programmed Gav as per our last long run, to do 6.15km pace, which kept it nice and easy! Didn't take long to warm up and the gloves came off pretty quickly, followed by my jacket. That was about as warm as I got though. No thoughts of taking anything else off!! Clarkey led the way, which was in familiar territory, but which I'd never run before, so it was really weird to suddenly approach a main road and think "hey, I know where I am now". I felt okay with the running but having done Step yesterday the calves were telling me that they really didn't think running up the hills was very fair!! We did tend to slow the pace down a little bit on these hills!! All up it was a good run. The weather was good to us, even if it was really cold. The company was good and the route we took was really pleasant. Oh yeah, Ice Skating was heaps of fun and I didn't even fall over once.....thinking about it, this might also have added to my sore calves!!