Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sunday 4th June

Exercise: 28km Run - Dandy Creek Trail A 10am start this morning meant that the sun was already out and shining when Michelle and I met up at Jells Park. Wasn't sure whether to wear my skins or not, but knowing how dodgy my knee can be sometimes I thought it best if I left them on. We decided to use Gav as a pacing partner today. Set him for 6.15min k's and off we went. It's very hard to actually keep a consistent pace. Before I knew it we were about 200 metres in front of Gav, so we had to slow down a bit. This happened throughtout the whole run, so our natural pace is probably closer to 5.45. Just don't think we could keep it up for the whole 28k's though. We got to the half way point and I had to stop the virtual partner bit as I wanted to check the distance so had to come out of that bit and go into another screen. Then I couldn't get the virtual partner bit back again!! So we started Gav again for the homeward journey. We got to about the 25km mark and all of a sudden I got a real dizzy spell and had to stop and lay down....a bit embarassing and a bit scary too! By the 26km mark my body was telling me that it didn't want to run anymore. I had to do some walking, which I didn't want but my body was adament about!! And I had to walk the majority of the way up the last hill to the car park. Michelle on the other hand was in great form and jogged all the way!! On a good note, I had no trouble with my calf at all and my knee was just a little bit tender when we finished. My eating on the other hand has been absolutely terrible!! Beki, the reason for not posting is that I haven't done any exercise since Thursday....I did want to go to the gym yesterday but Mr Motivation didn't show up at all during the day!! However, Mr "lets go to KFC" was all over me, as was Mr "let's pig out on a family size block of chocolate"! Alana's Quote: "Hey Mum here's a joke" "Why did they build the Great Wall of China?" "To keep the rabbits away 'cos there's too many rabbits!"