Friday, May 19, 2006

Friday 19th May

Well I'm now feeling a bit more optomistic that my calf may be okay for Sunday's 1/2 Marathon. I did everything that I was advised to do. I've iced it all week. I've had a compression bandage wrapped around it all week. I've elevated it as often as I could. I've rubbed Nurofen Gel into it every morning and evening to reduce any inflammation. And I've rested. Have done no exercise whatsoever (my expanding waistline is testament to this!!). So I have now packed my bags for my weekend away. I am going to stay at Apollo Bay with Michelle and her family. We're leaving tonight and will be returning after the race. Actually I think we're going to watch some of the marathon finishers first(Go Clarkey!!), then we'll be coming home. I'm a little bit worried that my calf won't be up for the run. I'm crossing every finger and toe that with all the rest and recuperation, it should be all healed and work perfectly. I'm taking my MP3 player with me. Even though Michelle can talk the head off a chicken, there may be times when the conversation grinds to a halt...probably while we're trying to get up those bloody hills!! Oh yeah, it's going to rain!! Aaaaggghhhh! Anyway, I'll post how the run went when I get home on Sunday. Toodles!! Alana's Quote: "Mum I think there's going to be a tornado!"