Monday, May 08, 2006

Monday 8th May

Exercise: Netball Game I've pulled up really well after yesterday's run, apart from a little niggle in my right knee. I'm going to have a day off tomorrow just to give it a break. Netball....we killed the other team tonight. 34 to 5!! We've had two new girls join the team and they've really made a huge difference. The fact that they are taller than any of us already in the team helps alot too!! May even consider playing next season now if we keep all the team members that we've got. My trainers have nearly dried out. Well, enough that I can now give them a good bang to get the worst of the mud off them. Will also need to give them a good wash to clean them up a bit. Here's a photo that I took of them after the race (sorry about the quality) I'm not sure if I'll ever get the socks back to being white, but they're in a bucket soaking as I type! I got on the scales this morning and I've put back on all the weight that I'd lost last week. This is not unexpected due to what I've drunk and eaten over the weekend. However, I seem to be shrinking. My work trousers are now feeling very baggy and I have to keep hitching them up as they keep falling down on to my hips. I don't understand how I can gain weight but lose inches...just doesn't compute! But I won't complain! Alana's Quote: "Mummy you need to go on Biggest Loser 'cos your boobies are too big!"