Saturday, April 29, 2006

Saturday 29th April

I got on the scales this morning and in just 24 hours I've lost 1.4kg!! Very hard to believe, but that's what they said. My stomach definitely feels flatter. Haven't really had any urge to pig out today, having had 2 cups of coffee and a protein shake this morning, although I did eat 3 small pieces of bacon at lunch time, and I've now carb loaded for my long run tomorrow. Had a bowl of pasta bolognese along with a toasted Herb Foccacia Roll, followed by a Magnum Ice Cream....think the Ice Cream might have been a bit OTT and the scales will probably show this tomorrow, but as I'm running about 25km, I thought that I'd be able to burn it all off!! Alana's Quote: "Aagghhh, you're going to have another baby!" - said whilst watching me and hubby having a smooch!!