Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thursday 27th April

Exercise: 9.6km Run - Mullum Mullum Creek Trail Another run this morning along the trail. I'm going to be able to run it with my eyes closed soon. Good time this morning. Beki is really picking up the pace now and I'm actually pushing myself that bit harder to keep up!! And I know that Beki is doing really well because I couldn't get a word in edgeways this morning - lol!! I read today that the guy who won The Biggest Loser in the U.S is engaged to Suzy, who was also on the show. I think that's really sweet. She looks absolutely amazing now....maybe even a bit too thin!! Looks like he may have put a bit of weight back on! Am looking forward to an evening in front of the TV tonight....nothing like a huge hit of Reality TV. Big Brother followed by the finale of The Biggest Loser. Go Kristy!! Alana's Quote: "Mum can I please start wearing one of those things" (pointing at my bra!!).