Sunday, April 16, 2006

Sunday 16th April

Exercise: NIL, NADA, NOTHING since Thursday Well what can I say - I chickened out of running yesterday due to the crappy weather. I know it was a pretty lame excuse, and I spent some time last night trying to figure out why I didn't want to run. I came up with a couple of reasons that may or may not be relevant. First one. When I was about 15 I used to do Venturers. To achieve one of our badges, we had to do a 2 day hike through the bush just using a compass, with no outside help to get to our designated pick up point. There were 3 of us, me, my friend Carol, a guy called Peter and his dog! We set off in high spirits on a Saturday morning, but before too long realised that we were completely lost in the bush. Seems that we had set the compass wrong before we even started (not good!!). Then in the afternoon after we'd be wandering through the bush aimlessly, it started to rain - heavily! And we got soaked right through. And the leeches came out. I still have flashbacks when anyone talks about leeches!! Anyway we eventually found the road that we were supposed to be on and made it to the "dugout" where we were going to camp and also meet an adult who was making sure we had arrived safely. We had 2 tents (one for Peter and one for us girls) but because we were all so cold and wet we just put up the one tent and tried to keep as warm as possible. We ended up packing the tent up really early and just hiking to where we were getting picked up. Arrived about 2 hours early but didn't care as there was a building that we could sit in and it was dry!! There was also another incident last year. You can read about it here! I'm also going to go to Anaconda tomorrow to look at waterproof jackets. This will make my fear aversion of running in the rain less of a problem knowing that I might not actually get wet if I'm wearing something waterproof. Now, on the subject of Easter - I ate 3 hot cross buns on Friday, so for me that's not too bad! I also ate 6 small hollow eggs last night...still not too bad for me! And I've just eaten 3/4 of a dark choc that's bad! Am desparately trying to down a litre of water to clean the system out! No more chocolate. I've agreed to try out Beki's diet plan. I'd like to try and stick to it as I know that Beki is going to do it and I think that Michelle is too. Can't let the side down now can we!!