Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tuesday 4th April

Exercise: 5.26km Run (Treadmill) Michelle is having a few days off from running (aaghhhh, what will I do now!!). Thought I might head down to the gym this morning and jump on the old treadmill for a change. Had to get off after 30 minutes as I was bored out of my brain. Just couldn't keep going. I thought that maybe because I hadn't used one for a long time that it wouldn't be so bad, but I just couldn't hack it! Oh well, looks like tomorrow morning I'll be out pounding the pavements for a 10km run. I've come properly prepared for my gym workout at lunchtime today. Change of top and bra now added to gym bag. Have also included some deoderant and body spray, just in case I get a bit sweaty! My back is a little bit sore from yesterday, but I love that feeling, knowing that I've actually used those muscles. Hmmm, now what muscle group am I going to do today?? Decisions, decisions!!