Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sri Chimnoy Yarra Boulevard 15km Run

Exercise: 15km Run Got to Michelle's place at 7am and drove over to Yarra Boulevard, via Studley Park (yes we got the venue wrong!!), so we didn't get to the race area with alot of time to spare. We still had to register as well, and it was a fair walk from where we parked. Once we'd filled out the registration forms I stood in the queue while Michelle made a mad dash for the loos!! I was at the front of the queue when she got back but as there was such a huge line for the ladies, she had to race back before she got to the front of the line, as we only had 5 minutes before the start!! We both decided to wear our MP3's today, which was a godsend as it really helped me through the last couple of km's. I just concentrated on the beat of the music and tried to regulate my breathing (bit hard when you're gasping for breath!!). The first 10km's were great. Felt good all the way. We did that in 55 mins (by Gav's estimations anyway). Noticed that the km markings were about 15 metres out at each one, so Gav was saying that we had done more km's than the markers were telling us!! As we got to the last turnaround, Michelle pointed to a bloke who was about 150 metres in front of us and we made him our target to pass. We upped the pace and gained on him slowly. The poor bloke didn't know what hit him until we raced by him, giving each other a high 5 as we went past. At the end of the race, said bloke came up to us and mentioned to us that "we could've been a bit more obvious about passing him!". Bit of a giggle about that one!! Our time.....85 minutes, which is a PB for us as we've never run over this distance before!! We skipped the pancakes (I know that's hard to believe!!) as neither of us really felt like eating. Would have liked a massage but the queue was just a bit too long to wait! There were lots of Ausrunners and Cool Runners out there today and it was good to see them all. And it was great weather for running too. Perfect conditions!!