Monday, March 20, 2006

Monday 20th March

Exercise: Netball Game First day back at work was manic. It took me so long just to read my emails and catch up with my boss and what he's been up to. Also Hubby had to take Alana to the doctors this morning as she developed spots on her lower chest and stomach yesterday. It looks kind of like chicken pox (which she's had already) but they don't itch and she doesn't have a fever. Doctor doesn't think she's got Chicken Pox but wants her confined for another day, which means that I've got to take the day off tomorrow....not good on my first day back to work asking for more time off!! Netball was fun, even though we lost. I still haven't got my eye back in yet and my ball throwing leaves alot to be desired. Just need to practice more!! My legs don't feel too bad today. I did have to stretch quite a bit before the netball game otherwise I don't think I would have been able to move very well at all.