Thursday, March 09, 2006

Thursday 9th March

Exercise: 9.6km Run (Mullum Mullum Creek Trail) I decided not to go to the gym yesterday morning and turned my alarm off. It was the best night's sleep I've had in ages! I think that the knowledge of not having to make the decision to get out of bed or not when the alarm went off did wonders for my brain. I slept like a baby!! I went to bed a bit later than I'd liked to last night so getting up this morning to meet Michelle for our run was a bit of a chore. Took me a little while to get going! We're going to have a new running partner tomorrow. I've managed to convince Sekhmet to come and join us for a bit of a run and a natter. She made me laugh when she said that she's going to have to learn to talk and breathe while she's running. Won't take her long if she runs with us. We never shut up! We got told on a fun run once that we wern't running fast enough as we could still talk!! Only tomorrow to go and then we'll be off to Sydney. I'm going to have to write down all my runs and my distances as I don't think I've got access to the internet while I'm away. I'm also meeting up with Margaret, which will be so lovely. Wow, that's two blogging friends in a week that I'm finally going to meet!!