Sunday, February 26, 2006

Saturday 25th February

Exercise: 22km Run (Dandy Creek Trail) It was raining when I got up this morning....not a good start! Anyone who knows me, knows that I hate running in the rain. It's very demotivating for me! Anyway by the time I get to the carpark where I meet Michelle it has stopped. But it's very overcast and poor Gav is having a hard time getting a GPS signal. Our run to Jells Park was really strong and I felt great until I got to the slight incline before we stop for a 2 minute loo break! Once we'd stopped I felt really weak and thought that I might even puke. I can only think that the AMP tablets I took this morning are not agreeing with me. I turn Gav off and then back on again to see if I can get a GPS signal now....BINGO! He finds one! So we head off back the way we came. About 3km into it I have to stop. I have no energy left in my legs at all. Michelle has a spare Gel so I take half of that to see if I can get some energy back into me. Another couple of km's on and I have to stop again. So from there until the Car Park I'm running part way and then have to power walk some. I can only think that the AMP tablets have dehydrated me. And also looking back on yesterday's food intake, I didn't eat properly so this might have hindered me too. I've got to remember to think about what I eat and drink the day before a long run. It really does make a difference! We now have a weight bench and lat pull down bar to add to our "garage gym". I think we've got pretty much most equipment now, apart from the treadmill, bike and cross trainer. Unfortunately these are the most expensive things and will have to wait for a while!