Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tuesday 21st February

Exercise: 9.3km Run(Mullum Mullum Creek Trail) I've used Gav over the last couple of weeks now and each time I've run Mullum Mullum Creek Trail he's told me that it's only 9.3km instead of the 10km that I'd always thought it was. So now I've got to come clean and change all my figures for total km's run each month....bummer! Another great morning to run. It's definitely taking longer to get light now so we're going to have to consider changing to the footpath, which I'm not that happy about as it's not good for my hip. Some good news...when I upload the info from Gav into Motionbased or Sport Tracks, sometimes it recalculates the distance from the GPS info it generates and our long run on Sunday was actually 22.95km, not 22.45 - OMG, we nearly ran 23km!! Now about the Grape Grazing. We had the best time. We went to Rochford Wines, and the free meal was excellent (Chicken in Mustard, Jacket Potato, salad with Olives and Feta Cheese) but we were very surprised by the price of the Champagne. At $30 per bottle we thought it was a little steep, especially as it didn't taste THAT nice! We only downed 3 bottles between the both of us. We ended up dancing on the lawn in front of the stage and singing at the top of our voices (like you do!!). The weather was great, sunny and warm. We had much better weather on the Saturday than the Sunday, which was overcast and drizzly for some of the day. I went downhill rapidly once Hubby had picked us up and I did spend the rest of the evening in bed (no more needs to be said!).