Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Wednesday 8th February

Exercise 7.5km Run (including Sprints) OMG....I had to run flat out tonight.....6 times!! 2 x 500 metres and 4 x 250 metres. I thought I was going to pass out on the last one! And we were pushed to go faster each time we did it....thanks Tony & Mick for your encouragement and push. I probably would have slowed down way before the end of each one if you guys hadn't been there (slacker that I am!!). Michelle and I discussed afterwards why we actually want to do the speed work and it's not really to run faster, but more to become stronger so that we still have a bit of energy in our legs near the end of our runs. This is much more important to us than actually getting a faster time (but that would be nice too!). I had Gav on tonight but I did a stupid thing before I left home. I was playing around with the settings (like you do!) and I turned off the lap timer thingy so I don't have all the separate data from each time we ran flat out....I've turned it back on now, but do you think I could find the place where it was located so that I could turn it back on before we started doing the sprints.....and I forgot to start Gav on one of the sprints as well, so I'm 500 metres short on all data. Oh well, practice makes perfect!