Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sunday 5th February

Exercise: 18.5km (Dandy Creek Trail) I wasn't intending on doing as many kilometres as we ran today, but nature called and the toilets were at Jells Park, so we ran there. I haven't run this far for such a long time, but it just goes to show that I'm not as unfit as I thought....that's good in my book! I took Gav (Garmin 301) out today for his inaugral run (sp?). And he did me proud. I'd set it so that he beeped every kilometre, which he did. He also told me at what pace I was running, and even told me to slow down when I was running too fast (like that's ever really going to happen!!). I must have set it wrong for him to keep telling me that. I also had the heart rate monitor on so I knew my heart rate at a glance. Must remember to put some bodyglide underneath it as it did rub a little bit (painful when I got in the shower that's for sure!). Then after the run he also told me how many calories I'd burned and what my average pace was. I haven't actually downloaded the info onto the Training Centre software yet. This gives me alot more stats to play around with. My legs are a bit tired now, but as long as I give them a really good stretch tomorrow and maybe a bit of tiger balm, I'm hoping that they will come good quickly. Thankyou to everyone for your kind birthday wishes. It was a lovely day. We ended up going to a place called Bar Bosh, which is over at Knox City. Has a kind of turkish theme. Very nice food. And I seem to have lost the use of my new mobile phone as my daughter has discovered that there are games on it, Sonic The Hedgehog being one, so she seems to be in possession of it the majority of the time. All I seem to do is keep charging it back up!