Thursday, January 26, 2006

Thursday 26th January

Exercise: 8km (Aust Day Fun Run - Docklands) Was up early this morning as the run started at 8am. I would have had a bit more sleep last night but the young lads next door decided that they wanted the whole street to enjoy their music as they were doing!! It was already warm by the time that we go to the Docklands. Not a huge crowd for the 8km run (which was good for us). Michelle's hubby Marty and their daughter Brianna were running too, in the 4km race, so we didn't have to worry about dropping off our bags as they looked after them (their race didn't start until 9am). Michelle and I both had our music blasting agin, which really helped me pace myself around the first lap (race was 2 laps). The first part of the race was in the shade, which was great, but running around the Telstra Dome was full on sun, as was the incline up Latrobe Street. I felt really good after the first lap and was looking good until we hit the incline on the 2nd lap. All of a sudden I just lost so much energy and I really struggled over the last kilometre or so. Finished in around 46 minutes, which is well inside our goal of 48 mins for an 8km run. It was only afterwards when we were chatting that Michelle casually mentions that she thought that maybe she'd upped the pace near the end....thanks lovey!! We then watched the 4km race take off. It was so much warmer by 9am. Just as well it was only one lap of the course otherwise it would have been just too hot. The only complaint that I have is the water stations ran out of water....on the first lap!! Not good! Good showbag though - back pack, baked beans, sachets of Milo, sachet of sunscreen and a Pen!