Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Wednesday 18th January

Exercise: 13.4km Run (Mullum Mullum Creek Trail) Well what was supposed to be a leisurely 10km run got extended a bit. I felt great running tonight so me and Michelle did an extra stretch. We need to start upping our distance so tonight was a great start. I'm running in Sherbrooke Forest on Sunday morning with a very big organised group of runners. Haven't done much hill work before so this is going to be something new, especially with a group of experienced (and fast) runners. At least they're starting relatively early so it won't be too hot. Expecting 41 degrees! I had a little hiccup with my eating today. I did fantastically well until about 4pm when I started to feel hungry. The only thing that was available to eat were biscuits.....not good! Yes you guessed it, I ate some....6 of them to be exact (hangs head in shame!). Tomorrow I will make sure that I have enough food for this not to happen!