Saturday, January 07, 2006

Portsea Twilight Run

Exercise: 6.7km Run What great weather for a run. It was a beautiful evening to go running up and down hills and across sand! Michelle and I got to Portsea in good time, which meant that we got a good parking space, found a good spot to watch everyone arrive and get ourselves organised. The only thing we forgot was the RID....hate the flies! We met up with all the usual suspects, and met some of the Cool Runners too! Lovely people they are. Michelle and I both had our music with us again, Michelle sporting her new Oakley Thump II's....very cool! There was a very large crowd but everyone started out quickly so we didn't have to wait long to cross the start line....and there were hills almost straight away. Because of the music in our ears, we didn't realise how fast we went out, but by the turnaround at the top of the hill the pain in the legs had kicked in. Luckily most of it was back downhill on the turnaround. Then we hit the beach. The organisers have deliberately set the time of this race so that it's high tide when we run onto the beach, meaning that we have to run in the soft sand to avoid getting our feet wet. We must have timed it just right as we could still run on the hard sand without too much trouble, but a couple of times we had to jump across into the soft sand to avoid the water. After about a kilometre on the sand it was back off the beach and up to the finish line. Of course it was a race between Michelle and I to see who could reach the line first (we can be competitive when we want to!). I think we tied! Our time - 40 mins 10 sec. We were both very happy with that, especially as I haven't done any hill work at all. Next race, Australia Day Fun Run.