Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Monday 27th December

Exercise: 6km Run (2 laps Croydon Golf Course) I'm so glad that Christmas is over. No more crap food in the house. I know that I bought too much, and I know that I did it deliberately. I could justify eating it as it was in the house, and also that it was Christmas. Now it's all gone....and I have to get past the urge to peek in the fridge or the cupboard and grab something yummy to eat. I've deliberately not put any more champagne in the fridge either. My next drink will be New Years Eve. I've been slack on the exercise front. I talked about going for a run on Christmas morning, but my daughter woke us up at 7.30am and that was the end of any thoughts that I may be able to get out. She wanted presents and she wanted them there and then!! Anyway I've been out this morning. I ummed and aahhed about it for a while but decided that if I didn't do it this morning before it got too hot, I'd certainly not want to do it this evening when it's going to be hotter!! Even then I only did 2 laps of the golf course when I was intending on doing 3. It was just too warm. There's always tomorrow to do some more!